3 weeks post hip arthroscopic surgery

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How is it three weeks already? Thankfully it’s going by pretty quickly and each day I’m getting stronger and more able. Downside means I can help family more, especially when I use the perch in the kitchen. So no more time off as a housewife and mum. Not that I’ve had much time off really, as from day one it’s been all about physio, which honestly truly takes most of the day, and all of your energies!!

As you can see above, the scars are fantastic, super tiny and clean, easy to disguise if you wanted too. Not too deep or wide. Really amazed they can do so much epic work inside and leave such tiny marks outwardly.

This week I’ve managed to go pillow shopping, which changed all comfort on bed, real game changer!! And my new bed really helps as well. It’s the perfect height and firmness too. Hips never been so looked after. So back to shopping, I took 2 crutches while outside, and I’m so glad I did. As good as I can mobilise and I can, I soon wear out, and feel weak, with horrendous back pain. So shopping wasn’t a long affair, just enough to get things done, and back home to crash out all night as a recovery.

download (1)

Another thing that’s new this week, is medication. Tormented by co-codamol and crippling belly ache, I’ve swapped it for Ibuprofen 400mg instead. 1 three times a day. Not as effective, but it’s nice to be free of stomach ache. So I’d say I was coping, it’s not perfect, and it doesn’t take everything away, but it helps.

images (2)

Physio has gotten more intense, probably subconsciously I’m holding longer, or stretch is more thorough, as I’m still on basics, but I can feel a difference. Still hate tummy time though. And now I’ve introduced some light weights for upper body.

images (59)

Just doing gentle light weighted chair exercises, so there’s no pressure or stress put into the hips, it’s all to increase my heart rate and to lubricate joints, as crutches are hellish on shoulders, hands.

download (4)

And finally my success this week, I’ve successfully gone down to one crutch around the house, making moving much easier, and more effective. Not quite brave enough to do it outside yet, but it’s progress.

Only pains I feel so far, are constant back ache, this is awful daily so I need to keep an eye on it. Knee pain still but it could be from the torn mcl done in May. And occasionally hip aches like a dull ache, I’m thinking it’s more muscular though. Only twice have I felt that awful groin pain, both times I’d clearly done too much!! So I’m hoping I learn not to push too far to awaken that pain again.

So there you have it, so far I’m immensely pleased I went ahead with this surgery.




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