2 weeks post #hiparthroscopy surgery

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Two weeks post op, well technically its 16 days as I write this, on my lazy Saturday morning. I say lazy Saturday, but while recovering pretty much every day is exhausting and gruelling with Physio. I’d read, researched and compiled exercises from various sources. But after twice feeling a sharp groin pain, I’ve decided to stop. Not stop Physio all together, just do the important ones.

As I haven’t come this far to undo it all now, and with no official Physio guidance until 20th October, I’ll have to seriously learn how to take a backseat. Which is immensely difficult for me, I much prefer the proactive approach.


Glute squeezes is the first exercise, and pushing knee into a flat surface and holding is the second. Both basic exercises designed to awaken muscles and ensure they don’t waste away. Ideally do these every few hours, around 10 reps but always build up to 10, not to start at 10.


My worst exercise is Tummy Time or Prone Lying down, you lay on your tummy flat for now, but it’s a long exercise, Hospital want you to manage 2 hours a day, broken into 30mins x 4 sessions.


Another one I don’t like really. The sensation is odd feeling, and I tense up when it should be totally relaxed. You will need some help achieving this exercise. Rotation of the hip while your assistant holds the knee and stabilizes it.

Not included on my exercise sheet but told to do it by physiotherapist the day after surgery is the Hip Abduction while lying down, so not as much pressure goes through the leg. Simple but very effective.


So that’s what I’ve been up to everyday since surgery. I tried some other exercises but they aggrivate the groin and I’m no longer doing them, at least nor until I speak to a professional. Here they are below.


So that’s it, that’s my recovery so far. Not the most exciting. Although I did have a wonderful evening in the middle of this week. You can read that in my previous post. I was invited to a blogger event. Very spoilt, had a wonderful time, and I forgot my woes for a few hours. Side note its took a couple of days to settle hip down from that outing, but totally worth it too. I’m also over my #Clexane as they bloody hurt!! Oh well 15 down 13 to go…..


8 thoughts on “2 weeks post #hiparthroscopy surgery

  1. I am scheduled for surgery on 11/2. If it were for a knee, I would know all the tricks to recovery, but I have never had hip surgery. Do you have any ‘I wish I would have known’ advice? Any tricks that have helped you that the Doctors didn’t share? I have a body pillow from a knee replacement and I have used a three rung step ladder as shower chair, but I am a bit anxious about this recovery and other pre existing injuries.


    1. Like you I didn’t know much about this surgery, and because I’d had much bigger hip surgery, dare I say I was cocky!! Big mistake. I saw tiny holes, and I could weight bear, but just because you can’t feel pain, doesn’t mean you are ‘normal’ and likewise just because you swell up and have high pain, doesn’t mean its failed either. So far its been a roller coaster, as you probably know from anaesthetic, and clexane injections. But pain wise, its more uncomfortable. A perch to bathe out of sink is handy (no going passed 90degrees) so that made me independent to wash. Or a bath board over the bath is handy. My mind is my worse enemy, I wasn’t prepared for my brain to tell me things are OK to do, but its not. With other surgeries I never felt like that, my mind was as broke as my hip. So with that I feel I end up pushing it more than I should. Lots of sleeping on your back sadly, so nice pillows, prop leg up, that helps. Ear plugs for hospital (so loud) and find hobby or Netflix bingeing. I’m on Instagram and twitter.com/sirenmoonbee and happy to chat anytime xx


      1. Thanks for checking in!! I have it a week from this morning! I have been gathering up all the things I will need to be able to around.

        One question I have..
        based on the side yo had done, is it easy to get in and out of bed the surgery side or the non surgery side? We are bringing a twin bed down to the main floor and I am trying to figure out how everything will fit in the dining area.

        How are you feeling??


      2. So glad to hear from you, and that you are planning your preparation too. Best of luck with it all.
        I had my right side done, and I also get into bed via the right side which I found easy for me. ( however I’ve had bigger surgeries, so already adapted techniques) best way to lift leg into bed, is to sit on bed as far back as possible, then twist body, so leg naturally slides onto it. Rather than lifting leg, as you may find that difficult. Sliding leg puts less stress and weight onto joint too.
        I’m actually doing really well, down to one crutch, painkillers aren’t needed (been on them since 2005) just achy muscles, when I do hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. My biggest advice is do the Physio exercises your given to do at home, its hard, its tiring, but these are super important and definitely work. Its important to be religious and consistent with them. I’m on twitter and instagram as sirenmoonbee if you ever need me xx


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