Day 34 post #hipreplacement, part one

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Apologies now that this isn’t a standard #hipreplacement post. But I like to log what I do each day of this recovery, and this time I happened to be out and about. Hoping I gain confidence from it, and it helps build up the stamina and strength too. With that said here we go….

Once a year Theo Paphitis and his team of Sponsors (DHL, iLaw, Western Union, Autumn Fair, Robert Dyas, Ryman, Hewlett Packard, Webroot, Square) put on an incredible SBS event for all us winners, with networking, mentoring, 121 sessions, and talks with leading business man and women. And though I’m newly operated on, I decided to go.

Held at the ICC Birmingham, it felt good to be there once again. But alas I wasn’t prepared, no business cards and arriving by the seat of my pants, eek!!

Grabbed a coffee and sat down, grabbed my essential book and pen on the seat (thank you) and Kypros opened the show.

We then heard from Theo himself, and he introduced what was planned for the day.

Then Paul Barnes #Webroot joined him to explain cyber security to us all. The importance of passwords and VPN whenever outside near open wifis, so hackers have no way into your life, and through you into even bigger corporations. That was an eye-opener.

Then Raja Saggi the Head of SME marketing Google which was interesting on how to make your site seen, the keywords, tags, and we all tested our sites speed using I discovered my Etsy Shop responded in 4 seconds with 10% visitor loss. Whereas this wordpress site was 7 seconds with 26% visitor loss. The aim is under 5 seconds so I was really pleased with Etsy.

Raja Saggi recommend focusing on your one thing, and my one thing I’m better known for is my charity awareness bracelets. And uniting spoonies around the world. But I would like to focus on more spiritual,chakra based jewellery too.

We then had a break for dinner, and as it’s my second outing since surgery I honestly needed it. I have had to sit upright so 90degree angle for a while, and it aches. But I’m doing better than I thought. Great to see everyone, and be here, though it’s a tad early to socialize really. I’m glad I had 1 crutch rather than a walking stick.

Mr Moon had to pile up 2 plates as I find it impossible to carry things with my crutch, so I held a glass of wine, while hubby grabbed some delicious food. We had a variety of sandwiches, quiches (best part) wedges, then cakes and fruit selections.

Couldn’t get a decent photo of the sarnies as the island housing them was super packed.

Tomorrow is part two so I don’t bore you guys too much.


Day 26 #MySBSWin Hippie wins

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*shameless plug for my own stuff here* please feel free to ignore if you rather.

On my journey through my own hips saga, I have lost many many things, my mobility obviously, but a lot of hopes and dreams along the way, time too, I’ve definitely lost that, all of my 30’s in fact.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, I found a wealth of friends online, chronic pain friends that helped me feel less alone, I discovered crafting, as now it was all I could do! Ways to spend my time without moving, that challenged my mind, and made me feel productive. From this #MysticMoon was born.

I have used my jewellery designing to incorporate my hip and disabilities in a fun and funky way. My shop is currently in holiday mode, while I’m recovering but I hope to open again asap. You can find me here

I started jewellery selling back when I had my first BIG hip surgery back in 2009. I’d just had a triple pelvic osteotomy (pelvis broken and plated back together in new alignment) and femur broken and lengthened 2 inches and screwed together. I was housebound, and bored, lonely and my career was over!!

I also sell various charity awareness bracelets, covering #invisibleillnesses such as #Lupus #Fibro #Arthritis #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Endo #SpinaBifida and many many more. It’s what got me noticed by #TheoPaphitis a former Dragons Den Dragon.

He chooses 6 businesses to retweet and become his Sunday Small Business Winners, as a winner you are mentored, supported not only by the dragon himself but all the other winners as well. And each year we all get together at an #SbsEvent Theo Paphitis puts on for us. Here we are given opportunities to speak to other famous CEOs, business owners, as well as connecting to buyers, investors and more. Next event is the 12th Feb so I really hope I can go.

Here above is my own personal affirmation hippie charm, it shows I had RTHR and it says Strength.

But I have lots of ways to do them, Bilateral screws, Bilateral replacements, no screws or replacements as we are all hippies!! Using purple for invisible illnesses, blue with it for hip dysplasia, and some with charity ribbons, or spoons. It’s faux suede so vegan friendly, or a bangle if you prefer.

I also have designed a Tragically Hip t-shirt via bonfire. They make the t-shirts after the campaign has finished (usually 2 weeks later) and ship them direct to you. I get a small commission of each sold.

I always wear mine to physio, and hospital appointments.

They do different styles of t-shirts and hoodies too, various colours and have a good range of sizing too. Delivery takes a couple of weeks for UK though. buy here

#Blogmas 2018 Top 10 favourite jewellery makers

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As a jewellery lover, I adore all different pieces, from trendy to one off bespoke pieces. And here I share my favourite jewellers.

As ever I’m not sponsored, or affiliated in any way. These are just my hero’s in jewellery, who I look up too.

Need I say more, it’s cute, it’s so perfect and I’m sure everyone will love it. You can buy here

A statement piece with semi precious gemstone, sturdy silver setting. It’s my favourite piece of 2018. It’s just amazing. You can buy one here

A personal fave, I bought one like this for my daughter’s wedding, it’s highly personal, and it is treasured forever. But one like it here

How could anyone not love these, it’s just so perfect for Christmas! And you can get yours here

Not jewellery persay, but she does do jewellery too, she’s incredibly talented. And you too can own a piece here

My friend and champion icey, he always makes the best and cutest animals, you can own one here

Beautiful and unusual designs you can’t go wrong shopping here. Exquisite pieces available here

Affirmation or inspiring quotes, make it personal with these bracelets. And you can buy here

Bespoke pieces like works of art, you can find her here you won’t be disappointed.

I confess these are my absolute favourite Christmas earrings, so cute and sparkly. Who could refuse these? Buy a pair here

Bonus one added, as I’m a lover of Rogue and Wolf. One day I will own this Hecate piece.

You can buy one here

Instagram Challenge #MarchMeetTheMaker week 3

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Somehow I’m still going and not missed any days. Not sure how, but I am.

So let’s get started with Day 15 ~ Boomerang. But I can’t do videos on here, but here is the still photo of said video.


Day 16 ~ Support, I posted a photo of my number one fan. My hubby, bless him, without him MysticMoon would not exist.


Day 17 ~ Feedback and Customers. And I’m extremely grateful for mine. I hate blowing my own trumpet, feels weird.


Day 18 ~ Inspiration and mine is this wonderful quote


Day 19 ~ Can’t live without. Easy peasy it’s Family for me


Day 20 ~ Tools of the Trade. My ever faithful beadsdirect tools, which I’ve had forever.


Day 21 ~ Day in the life of me. Well honestly it’s less about jewellery lately and more about recovery. Learning to walk unaided. Physio rules my life, I’m either doing it, or recovering from it.



So there’s another week completed, not long left of the challenge. I wish I had more jewellery to share, but honestly at this point my health comes first. Catch you again soon xx

#MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram Challenge Week 2

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Not sure how I’m still going into week 2 but I managed it, even though I’ve been out and about I’ve stayed on track!! Go me.

Day 8 ~ Flatlay

Day 9 ~ How it’s made

All bits put together to create this

Day 10 ~ Relaxing I spent my relaxing camping with hubby and drinking whiskey

Day 11 ~ Branding

Day 12 ~ Post and Packaging

Day 13 ~ Work Clothes. Literally anything comfy especially if I can do physio in them too.

Day 14 ~ Dreams and Plans well nothing grand from me, I just want to be productive, happy, find new friends, support others and spread happiness.

So there you have another week of Instagram from me. Come follow at

First week of #marchmeetthemaker2018

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Yes I’m back at it again, using @joannehawker guide to allow customers,followers etc to see the person behind the makes on their shops.

Now I’m never going to suddenly be a selfie queen, so this challenge actually helps me show myself, without some deranged mad woman’s selfie looking back at you.

Each day has a theme to base your Instagram photo on, some are easy, some hard, and maybe some impossible?!

Day 1 – You, here is me at the last #sbsevent2018

Day 2 – Where, my local town is half olde worlde and modern.

Day 3 – How you started, I started following this surgery, I had a #TriplePelvicOsteotomy and FemoralOsteotomy done at the same time, and was rendered immobile and housebound.

Day 4 – Favourite make, mine is the Gothic style jewellery I did, that also got featured in Shine On Jewellery magazine.

Day 5 – Photography, I honestly have nothing fancy. Occasionally I use a white box, nice surroundings, my child as a model. But always always use my phone as my camera.

Day 6 – Workspace, I don’t have an area just to work on, I’m often doing it on my lap while watching TV. I love that I can do it anywhere. My biggest workspace is really my brain, it all starts here.

Day 7 – Routine, I simply honestly have none. I can’t always make and create as my own body works against me sometimes. So I can only do it, when I can physically and mentally. And everything I do works around pain and limitations.

ICC Birmingham #SBS Theo Paphitis, getting ready!!

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It’s that time again… The annual event of #SBS Small Business Sunday at #ICCBirmingham. A time for us all to be inspired, encouraged, and supported by the Shopkeeper himself #TheoPaphitis

How I got into this prestigious club?  I tweeted my business to Theo on a Sunday night and he goes through them all and choses 6 winners each week. Boom I’m a winner. I won 1st April 2012. And it’s been awesome, admittedly I have had health setbacks along the way that hinder moving forwards, but I’m grateful to have this opportunity to see him, and hear the speakers, see buyers, manufacturers, understanding business more. Knowing that this value wealth of knowledge and understanding will pay dividends in the future.

I wish we got new photos with the man himself each year, but alas its only at your first year you get one! Here’s mine 2012


Here it is again on Friday 23rd Feb and I can’t wait. It’s well catered for disabilities which is always good to know, the food available is catered to all needs, and usually it’s just great fun to see so many winners, the speakers and to hear others successes.

Trying to decide on clothes and of course jewellery to wear now… I’ll probably wear my eye catching Gemstone Chakra Tree of Life necklace and a collection of my Peace bracelets, as both are bright bold and me!



Until then, it’s a mad dash to ensure hip behaves itself until the day, organising clothes, make up and hair. It will be lovely to not be in clothes that I do daily physio in, and to just have a break from physio too. Back after the event to tell you more.

MysticMoon Jewellery ShopSbs

MysticMoon Etsy

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