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Let me introduce a fabulous jewellery designer #IcedRainbow. I recently received a twitter competition win from this jewellery company, and I thought I would show you all what I got. But first who is IcedRainbow

Founded in 2009 by Tom the designer and creator of icedrainbow.
Creating Fun Bold Colourful statement dainty home decor accessories and jewellery.

All of which are proudly handmade & manufactured in his UK studio office based in ESSEX.

Each piece is made with various materials such as SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS,perspex,wood & finished with sterling silver or stainless steel, His vast array of colourful products are Inspired by travelling wildlife nature and many other aspects of life , He’s always been creative and quirky as a self taught designer.

Having always been an artisan of many things way before icedrainbow. It all started in 2007 making things for family and friends to eventually setting up the website (icedrainbow) in 2009.

Tom Believes that it’s not what you wear that defines you, it’s how you make yourself feel when you wear what you buy, because each and every person has a different personality and accessorising your home and yourself lets you create a style that’s unique to you.

The meaning behind the name:
Anything can be iced in all colours of the rainbow,
by using crystals and colourful pieces of perspex in his work that was how the name came about, Tom is also a Qualified Chef & keen interest in baking hence the unusual colourful quirky name.

His Motto “Be Yourself,Be you be beautiful be true”
Express your style & wonderful nature through the art of icedrainbow’s creations. They’ve been Adorned by many, seen by few but mesmerise those who have stumbled upon them, Aim for the stars and never look back always look forward, creating a world full of colourful creations & providing homes, necks,cakes & kitchens with a wide range of rainbow delights.

So what did I receive as my prize, well I got a LOT.

I got five various happy birthday cards, 2 cute animal ones and 3 gin based ones, I love these. They are going to be hard to give away! I mean who doesn’t love a Gin birthday card.

buy here and find other cards too here


I received 3 pin badges, I got my favourite, which are a Mystical Hare, a Flamingo and Prosecco pin.

You can buy here various pin designs.

Flamingo Pin Mystical Hare

I also received some keyrings in the form of a delicious Battenburg, and Home keyrings. With a Hot Chocolate Magnet, and 2 pendants which are a Snowflake and Feather.

Find some over here Feather Charm Necklace

And here my Magnet is at home with my Beefeater from Harrods, and my Jack and Sally Disney Magnet designed by Jasmine Becket Griffith.

Find IcedRainbow at Instagram Twitter