#Blogmas 2018 Christmas gift guide under £20 for him

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Woohoo it’s that time again, it’s Christmas, and what better way to start the festive season by doing my gift guides.

I did some last year which proved popular, and I also tried to post almost daily during December. Though not always possible, I will endeavour to post as often as possible.

Christmas can be a stressful time, often pushing people beyond their limits financially. But I’m here to share this gift guide under £20 and to me they are good main presents and not necessarily as stocking fillers (to me they are under £5)

So here’s my top ten

Was over £20 but now in the sale and only £12.99 you can buy here

I’ve bought unicorn tears before, but this is slightly different. Only £19.99 you can buy here

My youngest is obsessed with sloths, so anyone who is, is sure to love this gift. Even dad is sure to fall for this little guy £19.99 You can buy here

Reminds me of Mr miyagi of karate kid. Practice patience and mindfulness. £7.99 Buy here

A lot of PJ’s seem to be cartoon characters and childish, and while I don’t mind for myself, it’s not what my husband would choose. So here are are super soft micro fleece ones. £12.60 You can buy here

Ok this is £1 over the budget, but oh so worth it at £21.00 it’s classic and snuggly. You can buy here

Sports luxe styling with a colour block, looks a lot more expensive that it’s £19.99 price tag. And you can buy here

I love rum, and so does hubby, so here you can add spice, have your rum glass and add cinnamon syrup too. £12.99 and buy here

For the travel bug man in your life, a funky map to plan the next adventure. £10.00 you can buy here

For a toy, because you are never too old to enjoy some fun. Don’t let alone tell you different. £19.99 and you can buy here

So there you have it, it’s not sponsored or affiliated in any way, just my own personal loves, and my short list for Christmas. Hope it’s helped xx

My favourite 10 #Asos Christmas items

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So for something slightly different, instead of carrying on #London adventures for this #Blogmas post I thought I would search my favourite 10 items on Asos

All I did, was type in #Christmas in the search bar, to find my favourite things, be they Male or Female, Home Assessories, Decorations I chose things that caught my eye.

Cat hot water bottle, snuggly socks


Cute ultimately snuggly fluffy socks, and cat hot water bottle, if anyone knows me by now, I LOVE hot water bottles, so this is my number one gift. And actually I am that person that loves socks for any occassion. So this gift rates highly for me!

3 Set Causal PJ’s


From the ultra Glam #BouxAvenue here is an ultimate snuggle set, comfy trousers, relaxed tee and jacket. For all those wintery nights and Netflix binging.

Mickey Christmas T shirt


Who doesn’t love mickey, and all things Disney?? I love this mans T-shirt (though I’d be wearing it, not my husband) its subtle enough without it being overly childish, and the relaxed fit would make this extra comfortable.

Curve Christmas Jumper


I love this colour, but slightly scared of overly mustard tops, so this seems a good pop of colour without being too much. And honestly who can beat a good jumper.

Sass Belle 6 Decorations


These have really caught my eye, I love this style, and they are all so cute and traditional. And honestly not a bad price.

Christmas Tartan Pjs


I love PJs, and I love tartan, so these are win win for me. The traditional styling is also a favourite of mine.

Batman Stocking


This is so cute, I’d be chuffed to hang this up at the fireplace. I’d hope I’d get lots of DC comics merch put in. Marvel too, as really Marvel is my favourite.

Sass Belle Unicorn


I saw this and immediately thought of my mother in law, and youngest daughter. They are both unicorn crazy.

Christmas Fair Isle Hoodie


A perfect hoody to throw on, wrap up, get outside and have a snowball fight, or build a snowman. We’ve had lots of snow this weekend, and this hoodie would of been ace to have then. Keep you all warm, especially around the neck and head.

Lacoste PJs


Last but not least, Christmas PJs that don’t scream gimmick, cartoony or tartan. Just a classic chic look, that can be worn throughout the year. They look so comfortable as well.

So there you have it, my favourite 10 pieces available on Asos (my favourite shop of ALL time)