Day 172 post #Hipreplacement

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It’s been 1 solid week of daily physio, and my findings apart from exhaustion!?

Well I do feel better and stronger, but also in pain and swollen too afterwards. ( Pain is a muscle ache though, not a pain to make you stop)

The nights I do recover and feel good in the morning (aka after 2 huge coffees I may be able to drag myself to do some physio at 11.30am) though, but I’ve noticed a 20 mins set now takes 30 mins, and I’m quite tired afterwards. Mentally though it’s doing wonders, I’m feeling productive and proactive.

Some things I’ve also noticed is I’m tolerating lying on the side a bit more, just enough to do side leg raises, but for me that’s a huge improvement. (Literally 1 minute, but before I couldn’t bare mere seconds)

I fully understand that this week has been possible, because of the lack of other duties I’ve had to do in the week. I struggle to maintain both. It’s all or nothing at the moment. I simply don’t have the pain threshold to do both yet. Or the energy required to do multiple things. Hoping it will change over time though. Or is this my ehlers danlos syndrome??

So that’s my next goal, to carry on next week doing the same, while slipping in other chores, or outings and see if I can manage both.

The ever lovely Linda Bleck shared this, and it resonates with me. I am meant to be ‘fixed’ but I don’t feel it. It’s taking its time to strengthen these muscles, and tendons. I feel guilty if I mention pain, like I’ve failed the replacement somehow, and in turn I feel useless. So I needed to see this, to remind me it does take time, and patience too.

Physiotherapy 26 weeks post hip arthroscopy

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Following the successful Surgeons appointment last Tuesday 20th March, I felt more confident going into my physiotherapy appointment on 23rd March. As now I had more information on where he believes I am, and the realistic expectations we can have moving forward.

What happened at that appointment was, I was ushered in for an x-ray the minute I checked in. This was a pleasant surprise, I wore legging too, just in case, so no need to strip off, and I was done in a flash.

I specifically asked for Mr McB so I had a bit of a delay, but it was worth it. Once in there I explained my fears, my woes, asked for advice. I got patience, support, guidance and time too. Moving forward the plan is to see if a steroid injection will settle it down. As flares are common, but can be settled and good results happen once it does. Or it could be floating bone spurs off the femoral head rubbing. If the relief gives a few weeks or months great, or it could just give hours or days, that shorter length would indicate it’s time for the waiting list. So really I am delaying it potentially only until sept time this year, before I say yes to a replacement. I feel more confident in the process, less fear. My only downside was that it’s probable I would still have pain even after a replacement, as scar tissue, muscle damage etc from previous surgeries have affected the hip long term.

But in the meantime I should be doing physio as much as I can tolerate, to build up the muscles as best as I can. My Physiotherapist will love hearing that.


Learnt from Physiotherapist that it is grade 4 osteoarthritis in the femoral head, so it’s as bad as it gets. We both feel the steroid won’t do much, but it would give us a bit more time to build surrounding muscles. So that’s our view at the moment.

  • Stationary bike 5mins
  • Standing hip extension forwards, red band 15reps
  • Standing hip abduction red band 15reps
  • Standing hip extension backwards, red band 15reps
  • Hip bridges 15reps
  • Glute raises, lie on front 15reps
  • Swiss ball hip abduction squeezes 15reps
  • Side steps, green band 20reps

So my exercises have changed a bit to help build up supporting muscles, and not too many so I cause a huge flare up again.