Dead of Night by Deborah Lucy #BlogBookTour

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#AD GIFTED in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own and honest.

This time I have an incredible book to read by Deborah Lucy. The title already have me dying to dive in and forget the world, and that’s exactly what I did!! I mean who doesn’t want a title to say the dead of night?

After a week of intensive physio, this weekend called for relaxing times, unwinding with a good tale of murder and mayhem. Well it was meant to be more relaxing, than it ended up being!! However I did love this escapism.


DEAD OF NIGHT (Detective Temple Mystery Book 2) by Deborah Lucy


14-year-old local girl, China Lewis is reported missing by her friend Amy. Detective Inspector Temple is tasked to find her. The more he discovers about China, the greater the danger he knows she’s in.

Temple needs to find her and fast. But when his past suddenly catches up with him and two more girls go missing, it becomes personal. Temple’s quest to find the girls takes him into an evil world of exploitation and it seems he’s the only one who really cares.


Temple has to take a gamble that risks the lives of the girls he’s trying to save. As he uncovers police corruption, he is forced to work in the shadows. Who can he trust now?


Perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers, Damien Boyd, Rachel Abbott, Patricia Gibney or Mark Billingham.


What readers are saying about DEBORAH LUCY

“Could not put it down.” SP

“Well written and plotted, an excellent and complex crime novel.” MP

‘Loved this book, gripping story, kept me guessing till the end.’ DW

“Compulsive read!” GC


As a small boy, DI Temple found his mother dead. She had been brutally murdered, with the crime unresolved. Temple is a man on a mission to find her killer, it’s why he joined the police. With the past throwing a long shadow over his life, as a detective, this makes him even more determined to seek justice for other victims as he hunts their killers. His personal quest makes him difficult to live with and difficult to work with and his relationships suffer. But he’ll stop at nothing to protect his family, even though they are estranged and if it means breaking the law.


The DI Temple novels are set in Wiltshire, a largely rural county. Its landscape of beautiful rolling hills, downs and valleys gives no immunity to the crime that infects its scattered towns and villages. Steeped in ancient history, the tourist guides make no mention of the organised crime groups, the murders and turf wars, or the drugs that saturate the streets, lanes and school playgrounds. The M4 artery across the top of the county pumps its poison from London and Bristol, linking east and west coasts, providing criminal gangs and networks with an easy route to ply their deadly trade.


Deborah Lucy was born in Southsea and bought up in Portsmouth, the island city.

In her working life, Deb has worked alongside a number of senior investigating officers as they’ve investigated major crime – from murder, to missing persons to abduction and kidnaps. She’s been at the 7am starts and the 3am finishes, the ‘golden hour’s,’ the high’s, the low’s, the breakthrough’s, the arrests. The slog. The politics.

For three years she worked in the missing adults and children arena, with police, government policy advisors and charities. Latterly, she conducted lifestyle enquiries for international blue-chip companies into the lives of billionaires, millionaires and politically exposed people around the world.

She is a non-fiction author, ghost-writer and has been a consultant on a forthcoming ITV drama series, A Confession starring Martin Freeman and Imelda Staunton, involving a real case she was involved in. She has a master’s degree in historical research.

Her experiences lend authenticity to her stories; she also wants her books to be entertaining and find fans amongst those who are the hardest to please – the most discerning of crime readers and real life detectives.




Twitter: @DeborahLucy6

My Review

I thought from the blurb and author bio I’m in for a treat, someone that’s actually worked with cases, can be a more genuine and realistic point of view. One of the reasons Patricia Cornwell is one of my favourite authors.

And I wasn’t wrong, it kicks off immediately, no slow burn here, it’s off and keeps going, so many twists and turns, it’s actually an edge of your seat read!!!

This is a complex story unfolding at a good pace, taking you through the murky world of drug smuggling, trafficking and graphic in nature. Some a bit too graphic for me at times I will confess, too descriptive. However that’s in no way taken from the writing or story, it’s merely a personal preference.
I’d definitely recommend, but I would do a trigger warning for some of the content, as it may be too graphic for some.

#MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram Challenge the end already!!

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How I managed it, I’ll never know if I’m honest. I’m never organized and planned, but somehow I puddled through these 31days and completed it.

So first up was Day 22 ~ To do list. Organized. Well I do neither of these things, I’ve learnt over the years, some days I can be productive, others not a chance. So to do lists used to frustrate me and also remind me how disability rules my life. A stark reminder of things I could do, and no longer can. So I wing it.

Day 23 ~ Hands at Work, I’m really struggling with one hand at the moment, we think it’s Arthritis at the base of the thumb, or it could be ehlers danlos syndrome causing issues. So it’s often splinted or braced.

Day 24 ~ Achievement, my biggest one award wise is obviously my #SBS award that #TheoPaphitis created. But my own personal achievement is uniting spoonies around the world with my jewellery. And the greatest achievement is Family!!

Day 25 ~ Being a Maker means, I can wear jewellery that expresses my personality, it’s unique and often a one off piece. A do bespoke pieces and each one as unique as my customer, and always made with love.

Day 26 ~ Books, Podcasts etc…. I read all sorts but lately I’ve been diving back into my Tarot, Reiki and Witchcraft ones

Day 27 ~ Recommend a Maker, first off I recommend Oh Gosh Silver a silver smith that is incredible.

Then I recommend @masquerade_mad on Instagram, she made my queen of hearts headband for my 40th birthday!!

Day 28 ~ Organized, as I’ve said above I’m never Organized. To reduce bending and mobilising I have jewellery making stuff all over the place, rather than one spot. Messy as hell I am.

Day 29 ~ Community is my crafty friends, my spoonie customers, we all support and guide each other.

Day 30 ~ Top Tip, is be kind, to everyone. You never know their story, their demons, their struggles, and stay as positive as possible.

Last Day, Day 31 ~ Creative Friends. I recommend @ripbambi @percycutetees @masatolondon @terrifoss @icedraimbow @strangeling @cardsandcandlesforalloccassions all on Instagram, I personally own pieces from all of them, I speak to them and count them as artists close to my heart.

So there you have it, I’m cluttered, disorganized and I struggle a lot. But each piece I create is with love, care and with the customer in my heart.

London for #SkyGarden #TheLionKing

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Last week we had an incredible crazy day in #London though we are all poorly in varying degrees, we had bought  #TheLionKing tickets and I was not wasting them. So doseing ourselves up we decided to go.

But it nearly didn’t happen, somehow none of us slept until 4am and getting up at 6am to get ready to go was a nightmare, ended up leaving super late!! 8.30am in fact. Totally forgetting it’s a weekday not our usual Sunday visit, so by the time we got to East Finchley ALL parking spots had gone! Omg what to do now?? Hubby checked out Google to look for more parking and we headed to Central Finchley, and omg there was ONE spot left!! Tight and oddly angled due to one car, but being a whizz at parking, Hubby soon dropped us off first, then did his magic!! Prayers answered, we are finally on our way. Didn’t get to London until nearly midday. Going to be a short fast visit.

First stop was #HydePark to eat our sarnies, because yes I’m that person that goes with a packed lunch, crisps and pop. Rather than trawl all around looking for somewhere to eat all day. So we picked the water view, and my goodness the sunshine, blue skies and views make this the best restaurant ever.

We saw the biggest swan, well maybe not, but I personally haven’t ever been that close to one, to realize how big they are. Lots of noisey ducks and very cheeky brazen squirrels. My day was amazing already!!

Next up was visit Knightsbridge house because it’s pink, and why not, daughter picked this out. We discovered houses on this street are sold at 6.5Million pounds, I can barely believe it.


It’s a bloggers dream, what a backdrop for fashion photos. After this we headed to the V+A museum mainly for loo I confess. But we had seen the marble online and wanted to see it for ourselves.

It was more grand than I ever thought, really pretty and I’m so glad we went. We’ve previously booked the #SkyGarden for this visit, so our plan was to head over to there. We take tubes, and it’s obviously busy, crowded and tiring. But we always survive it, just about. We booked it for 4pm. My hips were shattered already, and I needed a lot of painkillers to stand in the queue. Airport like searches, even my walking stick went through the x-ray machine! But in the fastest lift ever, we were transported up 35 floors, to the most decedent garden with views ever!! But boy it was cold too.

Once up there the sun started to set and it was the most romantic dramatic location. It was amazing

Not long later it was time to peel ourselves away, to grab a Maccies and buy supplies (sweets and pop) ready for #TheLionKing not many photos now as once there you can’t have your phones out. Burger was lovely, just what we needed, along with a very much needed cappuccino too.

We were greeted by some lovely staff, that helped regarding stairs, as we were high up. And now it was time to enjoy the main event, (we’ve only seen Wicked before) and omg!! I was mesmerized, enthralled and thoroughly entertained. Seating caused a lot of pain I won’t lie. It’s crippling to sit at 90degrees and with little support, so I’m grateful of the interval. I’m so pleased I hadn’t actually seen any spoilers for the production, nor had I even seen the film (bad I know) but I think I enjoyed it more because of that. It was full of humour, emotions and sheer amazing talent. I walked out feeling exhilarated and extremely lucky that we’d seen it.

All exhausted, it was a tube ride back to Central Finchley and then for hubby an epic drive home. I feel so blessed he does this for us, it was certainly a memory to treasure a lifetime.

My only downside is the cost to me personally, this one day on Thursday cost me Friday, Saturday, Sunday of NOT moving at all, I was broken in every joint, my back and hip especially. Monday it eased off enough to attempt some physio, but that was a mistake, soon back to painkillers and heat. Tuesday was officially Physio but it got cancelled, we went for a short walk instead, so joint got some physio in,  to see deer and ducks locally, but now again its wednesday (nearly a week later) I’m totally bodily broken. So as lovely as #London was, It takes a lot out of me.

Express yourself with Letter boards #Gingersnap

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A couple of weeks ago, I approached Gingersnap about their #LetterBoards I wanted to see this latest board that has become popular. And they agreed to send me one for a review. Gingersnap is here and they do a lot more than just letter boards, I spotted a lot of Valentine’s gifts here too. Here is the link for the board itself

So here it is… First I must explain I’m a tired, overwhelmed housewife, and being 40 plus I’m not usually into gimmicks.

I’d loved the light boxes I’d seen before but never bought one, as the batteries or plug limited the options for me. This one appealed more as it’s totally mobile, you can use anywhere. That fits into my life so much more.

And at 10inch x 10inch you can fit a lot in, the 300 letters and symbols give you a HUGE variety of sentence,words, quotes to write. I got the midnight blue one, so the white lettering really stands out. But I’ve seen they do a Tiffany blue (this one is pure gorgeous) and Baby Pink too, so pastel lovers are well catered for. You can stand alone, or hang on the wall, I opted for standing against things, so it’s to hand whenever the mood strikes to have a change of message.

At first I thought, what would I write?? A few friends and I are sailor’s mouthed fiends, so it was tempting to put cuss words. But being an adult, I ended up using it as info for the family, announcement, or quotes, or even advertising this blog!!

We could have used this at my eldest daughters wedding last May. Or even the announcement of my first Grandchild, noting his monthly milestones. Literally you could have so much fun, writing anything your hearts desire.

And I’ve had so much fun doing it, it’s captured a light-hearted side of me, gave me something to think about, be creative and even now I’m thinking you could help children, grandchildren to read, to spell, have educational learning play. It’s way more than it first appears, and you can utilize it however you like. For that I give it a huge thumbs up, I’ve really enjoyed it. I would add that I found storing the letters in organza bags easier for me, but they aren’t included (maybe add some?) So I could store them quickly and compactly.