#birchbox 2 for £10 deal

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Now you may remember me telling you about the deal I snapped up with #birchbox where I got the awesome #cathkidston box and a mystery box for £10.

I loved my #cathkidston box enormously!! And I’d spied a #benefit product in there, and it made me very excited. And it was exactly what I wanted. A Hoola!!

Already I’ve used this as a transition shade on my eyes, to contour with and bronzer, an absolute must. I will be re buying this no doubt at all. It’s a matte bronzer so unlike the others, I’m not sparkling, so it looks more sunkissed than fake!!

Then we have a #PercyAndReed No oil oil, it nourishes hair with provitamin B5 and violet extract that protects hair even when heat styling.

Dry Shampoo by #Klorane with oat milk, I know dry shampoo seems a bit meh! But I’m actually chuffed, washing my hair can get too much for me at times, the energy and range of motion needed, I don’t always possess. So dry shampoo can be a chronic pain sufferers friend.

The last two products are a bit blah to me, only because I have these already. But they are good products, and do come in handy too. So though not exciting, I will use them up.

Fast acting Top Coat by #SecheVite it’s one of the leading top coats out there, creates a solid long lasting glossy seal, keeping your manicure looking fresh for days.

This brush cleaner is exclusive for #birchbox which is specially designed with grooves that give brushes a deep but gentle clean.

New hair care #botanicals range #L’oréal

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I have extremely curly bordering on frizzy hair, it’s impossible to control, unless I straighten it. But my poor hubby prefers it curly (I can’t stand it!) But that’s due to its untameable nature.


And on twitter I saw a tweet from a blogger, wish I could remember who it was, state that they bought this range and they got lovely natural curls. They bought the lavender one, but on finding that it states it for thin, fine sensitive hair. Whereas mine is thick, unruly and frizzy. So I spotted the #Camelina one which describes my hair to a tea!!


So I went to boots and bought the #Shampoo #Conditioner and #FrizzAntidote which is used to tame ends off, when your between washes. This one is infused with a botanical concoction of camelina, soya and coconut oils, the range smooths and softens frizz prone hair with a fresh, exotic aroma. It lathers up nicely, feels silky and creamy. The scent is delicate and faint, but I’m glad.


It’s pricey though to me, I paid £7 per item or there abouts. So it’s a proper treat for me, and I hope a lovely treat for my hair too.


The test is now, how will my hair be in the morning!?

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