28 weeks post #HipArthroscopy

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Well it’s another week and another drama, the hip slipped out of joint partially once again. Bringing me to 4 incidents now, and my trust in this hip is swiftly diminishing. After the latest incident, I decided to research hip stability exercises, to find out that all along my physio exercises are exactly that!!

So a bit dejected, I then researched hip subluxation, to find out why and what I can do to prevent, and understand the pain I get from it. And it made sense, once I realized I was tearing ligaments, that’s why I can’t put weight through it afterwards. Along the way I found some basic after hip replacement exercises, and as you are prone to dislocate the hip implant I know these exact exercises would do me the world of good.

Not only can I safely build up the muscles, tendons and ligaments, all while there is zero stress to the joint. So I feel productive and less immobile. With the added bonus that while I work out, I’m not bored and thinking of food. (Because I really need to curb that habit)

  • Glute Squeeze, hold for 5seconds 10reps
  • Quad Squeeze Down, hold for 5seconds 10reps
  • Heel Slide to Bum and Control down 10reps
  • Hip Abduction 10reps

  • Short Arc Quad, knee supported raise 10reps
  • External Hip Rotation hold for 5seconds 10reps
  • Hip Bridging 10reps
  • Stomach, Pelvic pull in hold for 5seconds 10reps

Using my crutches for stability.

  • Hip Flexion 10reps
  • Hip Abduction 10reps
  • Hip Extension 10reps
  • Heel to Bum 10reps
  • Mini Squat (like a high seat) 10reps
  • Hip Hitching 10reps

Now admittedly these look so basic and easy, but shockingly they were actually hard in places. I still struggle to put all my weight through the operated leg, I have to use at least 1 crutch to hold me steady. And range of motion is not fully there with either hip. But at least I have a good set of basics to build upon and do daily to garner strength and stamina.

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