Day 22 out out in town

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Today’s the day we go out out, nowhere particularly pleasant, but needs must. Off to a numeracy and literature skills test for my daughter’s teaching uni course. It’s something she has to pass to get a Qts course for teaching.

The place itself is only 40mins away, so we’ve packed a packed lunch, some coffee in a flask and crisps too. So while she’s having 2 exams, we have to fill our time somehow. We planned to fill 3 hours.

Nervous in the ice and snow, crutches and me with this weather freak out at times. Hoping I stay upright or its well gritted too.

It wasn’t too slippy but crowds were scary. I also found I had NO stamina for walking. As I walk the hip feels like it’s coming out the side, such a weird pain and sensation. As you may know there is never many seats around towns, unless you actually buy things. So we opted for a museum which was beautiful, visited the #StaffordshireHoard. Just as we were getting into it, with small frequent sit downs, she messaged to say she was finished!! Hours before we thought. So sadly not many pictures of the hoard. Nor did we finished even half of the display.

The detail in the gold is astounding, as a jewellery myself I know how hard it is to get minute detail and that’s with machines and tools that didn’t exist in the 2nd century. The patterns blow my mind, absolutely stunning. I’m definitely going to have to go back, and finish this display off. And look into the painting of #LeonardoDaVinci

Once daughter was finished, I had to go straight home. We had to walk back to meet her, but I struggled. Even more so when we were standing still to wait to meet, clearly walking was marginally better. But I couldn’t shop, or wander about. It was clearly too much too early for me as of yet. Though I enjoyed the time I did spend out, I’m happy to be getting home and nursing my hip with a hot water bottle, and having total rest now.

#JasmineBecketGriffith at #whitbygothweekend

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This last week, we did #whitbygothicweekend which I barely took photos of sadly, due to the intense wind and cold. I tried to take photos but the wind buffered my hands so much.

We came following a specific artist, who is of course my favourite one #JasmineBecketGriffith better known as she does a free exclusive pin for those attending the event, and a limited amount, so we hit the road at 5.30am.

Headed to the stalls to buy our goodies and get our pins too. I’d had my eye on an #AliceOracleDeck for a while.

Jasmine also signs your gifts if you like, and will also take photos with you if you ask. This time I didn’t ask for photos, as I wasn’t feeling at my best after such a long journey,and it was soooooo cold. We’d walked a fair bit before getting to the bizarre bazarre, so I felt too disheveled for photos.

The town was brilliant and many places were brilliantly decorated for Halloween which I loved.

We hunted for Dracula’s grave in the churchyard near the abbey. The steps killed me, I took a few, stopped, a few then stopped (this hip has gotten so bad so fast it’s scary!!) I was overtook by pensioners.

This is how cold it was!! So off we headed to #Scarborough to rest my hip, and warm up our bones (I swear the cold got right in me)

Gorgeous view, epic weather, stormy seas, I can see how Bram Stoker’s book came about!!

Tea at the local wetherspoons in Scarborough, and we were back in the B+B and asleep by 10pm (so rock and roll)

Horrific nights sleep, as rain lashed against the window, the wind howled all night, but somehow I still loved it. Weirdly refreshed, must be from the comfy bed. I was up and ready to tackle Whitby again and be more prepared. Ie wrap up warmly until the day before. Perhaps that’s why the cold got in the bones more?

Saw Jasmine for the second time and picking up a belle print for our youngest daughter.

We headed into the town for much needed breakfast and though it was packed!! It was the best god damn breakfast I’ve ever had!!

So delicious, I will visit them again no doubt next year.

The cold was a huge issue with this event for me, it stopped us doing a coastal stroll,exploring the abbey, and more of the town old and new. But we had also done enough to make the hip scream so much (that I’m thankful this surgery is booked!!) Next year I’m hoping it will be different, pain wise and mobility wise. I can’t wait!!

So not my usual update on hip, but while I’m on a countdown I’m trying to do ‘normie’ things, though admittedly each time I do, hip shows me I’m not normal and it’s the right decision (for that I’m grateful)