#Blogmas 5 ways to be more Sustainable

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Sustainable seems to be the buzz word of the year. And I see great people making great changes, to live more sustainable lives.

But it’s important to know we can’t all do grand gestures of huge changes, but we each can do small changes, that collectively will creative huge differences.

Such as…

1,Christmas Tree

There are huge debates over which is more environmentally friendly, and honestly it has to be weighed up to your beliefs. I myself have an artificial tree, as that suits my lifestyle. I’ve also had the same tree for nearly 2 decades!! And honestly at this point it’s more environmentally friendly for me to keep using it. No doubt it will last me a few more decades if I’m honest. I do worry about disposal though, in the future.

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2,Wrapping Paper

Buying recyclable wrapping paper (how this isn’t the norm, is beyond me) my daughter uses brown paper which can be decorated, stamped or use ribbon, which is a lovely touch. I’ve even used old Primark brown bags as my wrapping paper, well why not? I have seen some use scarves too, but that’s not possible with small children with a thousand presents (well that’s another point, the amount we buy). We also often reuse old cuts of wrapping paper, and ribbons too. Every little helps.

Visit Here For Artisan Shopping

3, Presents

When I can, I buy from small independent shop owners, crafters and the like. I like to buy things that will last or can be used, so candles, soaps and classic clothing wins for me here. I used to papercut and make jewellery, which was handy. Alas I struggle with arthritis so this isn’t possible anymore. Or when you buy things try to buy things that will last a long time. My favourite gifts really are socks and photos. Both are so treasured.

We buy much loved pyjamas and dressing gowns for grandchildren, using practical things over toys, as their own parents will know what toys to get them. Not as exciting perhaps, but sweetened the deal with their favourite Disney characters help.

4, Decorations

We use decorations we have had for decades, but when we do buy, we buy more classic timeless ones, no themes on our tree. More like it’s a tree of family milestones, each piece tells a story of our family. Because of this, your less likely to want to replace, even when they’ve grown up and flown the nest. So less waste! We also aim for more glass, wooden types.

Though Alan the pig above I had to buy recently (last Christmas) from TK Maxx as I love him, and he’s felt so sure to last too.

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5, Food

No one needs the amount of food that is pushed in the adverts. We honestly onmy need to buy the same amount as we would the normal week, with a few extras. But the adverts have you believing that Christmas is ruined if you havent got every cake, pie, and alcoholic drink known to man. Do you really need that much to spoil yourself? Will you regret it as soon as Janurary starts? Is it worth it. Yes have a treat or two. But honestly no one needs 12 cakes and gateauxs, as well as 10 vodkas and all the nibbles. Be sensible, and understand a treat is a treat when it’s not a lot of or often bought.

Well this is what I’m telling myself anyway, as classically I will overeat and indulge then predictably I hate myself in Jan. So I’m attempting to break the cycle. Stay as active as I can, and stop sabotaging myself with ‘goodies ‘ that aren’t needed. Or not in that volume anyway.

Day 81 Visiting Family

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As it’s Mother’s Day today it involves seeing the two sets of Mum’s. So the only exercise I will get is walking upstairs, though I will say my nemesis!! I will see one daughter of mine, but I have the other 3 to see when they are free.

As it’s time to do some physio, but we are out and about, I instead take the opportunity to walk from car to their doors without my walking stick, and likewise going up the stairs one after an other (instead one, both feet together etc) and unaided except for holding bannister. Making sure I wasn’t leaning forward, shoulders back, looking right ahead, not dropping the head to look at the floor (which I’ve probably done for years if I’m honest!) Takes more thought but good to get proper alignment, and good posture.

Walking from the car to their houses, wasn’t a lot of steps, but it was good to practise on grass, pavement and gravel. And then with the stairs, it feels pretty strong, with only side of hip muscle twinges at the end of the day.

My worst thing by far, is the first time you get up to walk after being sat down, and legs bent at 90 degrees. As I set off it gives way a bit, both hip and knee. And it’s immensely stiff, I have a ridiculous waddle, lurch walk until it’s lubricated and then rights itself.

But I recently read this on a hip replacement forum, and it kind makes sense.

The bone around the metal implants continues to adapt and remodel for one to two years after surgery. During that time, expect some mild aches and pains, and discomfort with pressure and weather changes. Ultimately, all such sensations will resolve.’

And also this

Will hip replacement get rid of all my pain?

‘Yes, if all the pain is really coming from the hip joint. But, an artificial hip cannot relieve pain coming from an arthritic spine, weak muscles, arthritic knees, hernias, poor circulation, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and other such conditions.’

Which again answers my questions forever floating around my head. Weak muscles being the biggest stumbling block for me.

Other hip, I’ve noticed now is more limited in movement, totally overlooked by the constant pain this right side has. No pain is felt in the left hip, but it may be my issue with waddling. My foot keeps swinging out to 9oclock when I walk.

#Blogmas 2018 Seeing the kids for Christmas

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I’m lucky that I have grown up daughter’s, each forging their own lives and families. But we still find time to get together over special occasions. But best laid plans always go awry. And sadly one daughter and her son are sick, so unfortunately I can’t see them. I’m sure to catch up with them soon. It’s better for them not to pass it to me as surgery is so soon.

All live miles apart, so it’s no easy feat to get us all in one place.

From my eldest daughter, I got Snowmen Jelly Babies, My own Christmas Cake (as everyone but me hates it) some lovelies for the bath, and an Initial Necklace with all the Girls initials.

Sam my second eldest, she lives the furthest from us all, so it’s a rare treat to see her. From the second eldest I got.


Cute Hedwig lip balm, as I love owls, and Harry Potter.


Then I got some cute Wands, so this witch can do spells with her make up routine too!! Then spoiled by her boyfriend Rhys too, Thank you so much.

These Wetherspoons vouchers will be put to good use. We are often in a spoons!! Her dad and I also got some baileys with orange, tastes like a Terrys chocolate orange! And some prosecco too.

Third daughter is poorly, so I will have a Christmas day once everyone is better. I can’t wait to give our grandson Leonardo his presents.

Then as seen in previous post. My youngest got me Moschino perfume, Flamingo PJ’s for hospital, and Paddington calendar to put all my appointments in one place.

We all ate too much cheese, crackers and bread rolls, but boy oh boy it was tasty. Then off to play games that they had bought.

Cue hilarious fun, blowing kazoos and being pretty stupid at times, and me becoming family quiz champion!!