Day 114 post #hipreplacement Bionic Camping.

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Marking the day, as today is the day we are driving around 4hours to go to Cornwall to camp!!

Yay!! Happy days, excited to say the least. Keen to see how the hip behaves, and how I cope with the long long drive too. (I’m a passenger at least)

But I will be prepared with plenty of ibuprofen, the gel, and cushions, and probably a hot water bottle.

So the last few days have been mad dash packing, hunting things down, cursing and feeling overwhelmed. But it’s all worth it, in the end.

Heading to Tintagel for a special event, a Karen Kay Fairy Event

Tintagel Faery Ball & Fairy Fayre – Saturday 4th May 2019

Venue: King Arthurs Great Halls, Fore Street, Tintagel, Cornwall, PL34 ODA, UK

Featuring Special guest artist Jasmine Becket Griffith at the daytime Fair

Join the Tintagel Ball Facebook event page

Returning to Tintagel, Karen Kay’s Faery Events is to host an Arthurian themed evening Faery Ball at Beltane (Saturday 4th May 2019) at the King Arthur’s Great Halls in Tintagel, Cornwall.

With music from Cornwall’s 3 Daft Monkeys, plus duo, Katharine Blake and Charlie Cawood. Katharine Blake is the founder, musical director, composer and arranger of the unique and other-wordly classical chart topping choir Mediaeval Baebes. Formed in 1996, the group have toured internationally, released 8 studio albums, won an Ivor Novella award for their performance on the BBC s serialisation “The Virgin Queen”, and received two Emmy nominations as the featured artist on the theme tune for the hit TV show “Victoria.”

So phones off, social media break and family time here we come!! See you in a few days time xx

Day 20 it’s OT day

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In the last few weeks it’s all been hips and I’ve had to take a step back from my hands. Thankfully the recent weeks has been kind to me and they’ve swelled up minimally. But I’m kinda thinking that’s due to taking dihydrocodeine?!

My worse area was the CMC joint and where they put the cannula in. But now it’s all settled down and being reasonable.

After a week it was minimal

And now it’s completely cleared up.

So today is the day to show my lovely occupational therapist how I’ve done my exercises to build up the thumbs, and lengthen the finger ligaments. The physio I’ve done for them has helped, but so did the steroid injection.

Now medication is absolutely minimum, I’m feeling the familiar aches, pains and swellings. So I need advice on how to move forward.

Advice is to make the stretches harder using an elastic band or bobble, like what MiCats told me to do back in July. Now I have better strength and alignment, it should be easier to do.

Ive also got a new splint for my DIP joint of middle finger, as it’s extending all the time. I need to wear this when I’m doing things, like my thumb splints too (see above)

So hideous, but so needed as well. Back in 6 weeks time, to monitor how well they respond. But this is one thing that will get progressively worse over time, with little we can do about it to slow or control it.

Day 16 reducing medication

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As I have no active prescription except ibuprofen 400mg at the gps, once my dihydrocodeine is finished that is all I will have. And honestly if I can get by without meds I would prefer it.

As what others don’t realise is, all these medications come with side effects, or other medical issues, so after a long 10yrs I’ve battled to free myself of them.

Not to say I don’t feel pain, because I seriously do feel it, but I manage it with icing, with hot water bottles, wheat bags, and resting.

I was currently on 0.5 dihydrocodeine morning and night, but not as I run low on them, I’m choosing to forfeit the morning dose, and just have 0.5 at bedtime. Kind of weaning myself off them.

If that is too much of a jump, I would quarter the tablets instead. But so far it’s day one of half a tablet a day and I feel fine. Achy yes from physio, but more muscular pain.

I do have this as my back up plan, liquid morphine, short acting medicine for when you feel you can’t cope until a bed time dose. Works great with paracetamol in between times.

Paracetamol at the moment is my best saving grace, it takes the edge of the aches, and keeps me from being too restful as well. If I’m not too achy I will naturally do more physio and movement.

I will say I’m no longer sleeping the whole night, for some reason I’m waking up at 3am or near it. Probably just to adjust my back and sleeping position. But it’s something I’ve noticed as medication is cut back.

2 weeks post #hipreplacement

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I swear time is flying, maybe because I’m ensuring I’m busy each day with at least 1 chore to help, or doing my daily physio.

When I’m not active, I’m resting but in a productive way too. Rather than just lying down all day and night vegging out. Even small glute squeezes while watching TV are super useful.

So here we are, I’ve come on in leaps and bounds, had highs and lows, and followed these exercises to the letter.

The one crutch walking is getting straighter and easier, less leaning and I’ve picked up the pace too.

My biggest change today is staples out day, just thinking about someone touching the wound makes me queasy. I was dreading/ looking forward to this day at the same time.

I hate how it feels coming out, it stings and pulls, makes me feel faint. But once it’s over it’s better, even though that whole day it will be nagging aching.