10 weeks post #hipreplacement

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When I first embarked on this journey 9th Jan I can honestly say I was not prepared. I thought I was but looking back now, I know my expectations were way off. I expected to be magically pain free, skipping up the mountains as others are.

Not me, even at halfway through I was beginning to think I couldn’t see a way out, it was never going to happen like it does for others. I was whiney I admit it.

But then just like that it’s started to fall into place. I find myself turning in bed with greater ease, though the pillow is still my friend.

I find walking unaided better around the house, but it still tires out quickly and that brings the limp and thigh pain.

As I said I’m still getting pain at times, from deep inside the thigh, or deep in the buttock, under an old scar. Groin pain occasionally flares up, or the golf ball swelling. And the scar sometimes stings or is itchy? No idea why though.

Stairs I hate hate hate, it pulls at my operated sides knee. But I’m getting up them better, as long as they have either 2 Bannisters or 1 I can hold and stick the other side.

Got myself a new Tee, I had too. It shows I have Custom Parts as my hip replacement is custom made. So I’ll be wearing this to the OT and Hydro appointments.

6 weeks and counting…. #THR

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I find myself imaging the worse, or thinking I don’t even need it, what am I doing this. The stress it puts the family under, I feel guilty over.

But then, I’ll do something ordinary, like Hoover a room, and BAM like a bolt of lightening, I will be reminded to why I’m doing it. Why I’m taking a huge leap into the unknown and risking what I have, for what could be…. It’s no easy decision.

This week has passed with ease, finally feeling on the up from a bout of laryngitis. We have rearranged our bedroom for ease, so I can easily get into bed and the bedroom if I have a walker (I’m aiming for crutches, as I’m a whizz on them)

I’m currently writing to do lists, packing lists (weirdly I never end up using most of the stuff though) and thinking ahead of what I need to buy.

So far I already have a grabber, useful for picking things up so you don’t have to bend. As for 6 weeks I will not be able to go past 90 degrees bending. This can dislocate the hip. (To be honest I rarely do now, same reason)


Then I have the life saving perch stool, which moves from bathroom to kitchen (via hubby) as it’s good for drink/food prep in kitchen, and for washing/bathing in bathroom.


And again for washing and bathing I have an over the bath board. So you can progress from perching and washing out the sink, to sitting over the bath and using a shower.


So what else do I need? A shoehorn, and sock machine? I’m not going to get them, as I do have help via husband and daughter, so I’m sure they will assist me.

My packing list is

  • Nightgown/Pajamas
  • Robe
  • Comfortable clothing (sweatpants, loose shirts) – ( I arrive and leave in these)
  • Slippers
  • Shoes
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • Razor
  • Soap/Shampoo
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Tissues/ baby wipes/ mirror
  • Book
  • Phone and extra long charger
  • Headphones
  • Eyemask/ ear plugs (I use headphones though)
  • Crutches
  • Medication
  • Squash/ fizzy pop
  • Boiled sweets or mints
  • Stash of snack food just in case

And at home I will be trying to prepare some meals to freeze in advance, for hubby. Keep on top of the washing, housework as best as I can. And of course keep going with my exercises I’m doing. You can see them Here

These have helped massively throughout this recovery period, and I will continue to use them.