Day 68 Blog Book Tour Is Back Again.

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Here I am again on a Blog Book Tour, a new author to me, and as before this book is #AD #GIFTED but all thoughts and reviews are my own.

But first it’s Day 68, and physio is going well, now feels so much harder with the inclusion of both legs. But I’m glad because I’m pretty sure they both could do with strengthening. And it feels like a more complete workout.

I’m finding with physio, because it’s harder, I’m getting more tired so I either promptly fall asleep afterwards (which I did first time I introduced 2 legs) or I’m too tired to do much except relax and read.

So this is the book I read….

My Review

I felt this book should come with a trigger warning for some. It’s a crime book so I kind of expect violence to be described inside. But for some it’s very descriptive and could stir up feelings. So I will warn everyone that it contains Domestic Violence.

Now that’s out of the way, I have to share how gritty, and real this book feels, easy to feel high emotions as you are reading, fear, sadness, hopelessness, sheer frustration and more, all probably reflecting what the author has actually experienced in real life first hand.

Its a good pace, and I didn’t want to stop reading, even though it was so harrowing at times. It’s not a light read that doesn’t affect you, far from it. I found myself mulling over the story for days, trying to second guess how the plot would unfold.

Heart goes out to Grace as their are parts of this character you identify with. You feel each dashed hope, each crushed dream, but the ever burning spark of hope still going. Maddie was also a good character for me, tendinous and strong with a lot of empathy. I love forward to reading more and seeing this character develop over time.

New Year, New Me…? 1 week to go

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Well we’ve made it to New Year, seen it through and Blogmas is over. What a wild ride 2018 has been.

I’ve had an amazing year but educational too, especially hip wise. I’ve felt my body slowly disintegrate and become more immobile, while other areas have gotten strong and gained stamina. Now it’s time to get them up to the standard of the rest of the body.

So new me for the new year? Only a new hip! The rest of me will be the same, so no crazy resolutions, or crazy ass diets. Just hoping for a solid strong hip to work out once I can.

So I guess my goals are

  • Walking unaided
  • Remember it’s a short term nightmare for long term happiness
  • Except I can’t do everything at once
  • Trust the process
  • Do daily physio as it WORKS
  • Drink more water

I’ve now had my pre op, had mrsa swabs, blood pressure taken, temperature. Endless questions on health, and how I feel. Bloods took and some questions I asked answered.

I’m having a general anaesthesia, thank goodness as epidural doesn’t work on me!! I will have clexane injections (probably 4weeks) and ted stockings (6weeks) these I expected. A block will be put between my legs, so I can turn leg sharply or cross them, and leg cuffs that inflate periodically, this prevents dvts.

I may stay in for 2 nights, so that’s what I am preparing for, though I understand if it becomes longer, or shorter too.

This lovely cleanser I have to use all over my body before the op, no specific instructions except use before surgery. But I think probably the night before, so it’s freshly on. It’s meant to prevent infections?

So now it’s a week to go, just enough time to cut my hair, tidy up house from Christmas and New year, catch up with parents and buy last minute essentials, like my pillows and knickers. Then get it done!!

New Chapter… Just Strong

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*Contains an affiliate code*


With all my surgeries and recoveries, it’s been a LONG long road, over 10years and somehow along the way, I’ve lost my fight with the bulge. Immobility and not eating right has took its toll.

I love moving, I love snowboarding, walking, sports in general, but I’m not exactly in a position to do most of these things while Arthritis eats away at me. And that had ate away at my mental health, and I have learnt to enjoy food in its place, along with not moving much (when pain strikes when you move, trust me it puts you off moving!!)

However I’m not longer a spring chicken, and I need to shift it, if I can. As I have to do physio every other day, perhaps adding a few free weights and extra exercises in won’t overload me too much, and slowly I can get back into a head space to correct my food too.

So with this I mind, I’ve joined Just Strong as an ambassador. Not because I’m great, or I think I’m fit. But because their aim is to empower women, that you can be strong mentally, not just physically, be strong emotionally too. Their aim is to create a brand of Activewear designed to empower and motivate women from all walks of life to be strong.

So taking this as a kick up the butt to change my life for the better, I got a tee that represents me, #bettersorethansorry to remind me that YES it hurts, and hurts a lot at times, but at least if it does, then I know I’ve done as much as I can to achieve walking unaided and as painfree as possible.


You can use my discount code if you would like to join a brand that strives to show women of all abilities and ages, that we are strong!! Here’s my tee

And to get a discount, use DEBORAHWY10 when you order, it helps me out greatly.