Beauty boxes in Sept, #Glossybox uk

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but as a back to school box it’s ok, glad I used my points though. No card included, not sure why? But inside I got #GrowGorgeous scalp detox which youngest will use on her sunburnt scalp. Smells nice and it feels creamy. #WetOnes bit annoyed with them, I mean really?? #DailyConcepts mini facial scrubber, I do actually need a new one, so although pretty basic, it’s useful to me. #bangbeauty brow cream this will be used as why not, but I can’t see it turning me away from #wunder2 #beautypro bubbling cleansing masks, one of the few masks I love, so looking forward to using this.
Best thing in the box is #karllagerfeldmodelco lip pencil rosewood it’s absolutely gorgeous and the product I’m most excited about.



Latest in beauty #FabulousBeautyAwards Box

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Oh my days, what a BOX!! I totally spoilt myself sorry hubby! I bought this in July for birthday month treats. I could not resist.


Look at it… How many items?! 13 products!! And a #BeautyPie 24hr pass. (This i don’t think I’ll use, but you never know?)


#Hask Conditioning Masks in Monoi Coconut Oil and Charcoal with Citrus Oil I can’t wait to try these out, and though a sachet it’s a large sized pair.

#JimmyChoo The Original Perfume and it’s tiny as sample perfumes are!! Wish they did do slightly bigger ones, but it is beautiful and perfect for a night out.

#Batiste who doesn’t love this rescuing dry shampoo? I often buy cheaper versions, so it’s nice to have the dear one in a box, always comes in handy!


#Starskin 7 second morning mask, 7 in 1 miracle skin mask pads, who doesn’t want a miracle in the morning? One stop massage, exfoliator, toner, serum, moisturizer, mask and make up primer.

#SanctuarySpa purifying charcoal bubble sheet masks, detoxifying and purifying masks, heavenly!!

#MatteMeMetallic lip cream giving it a foil like finish, I got a beautiful deep burgundy red.


#SoapAndGlory Righteous Butter Mini a perfect staple body cream to seriously buff up those pins this summer!

#PercyAndReed Perfectly perfecting wonder overnight recovery, I definitely need this, pop it on and sleep while it does all the hardwork with my lacklustre hair, yes please.

#Carmex I confess I’ve never tried this before, and wow that wasn’t what I expected?! Smell definitely Herby, strange taste, but weirdly addictive.

#Missguided Babe Power perfume again teeny tiny sample size, but it’s enough for a day and it smells summery and light. #Wilkinson Quattro sensitive razors, always needed and used, always enjoyed as the legs feel smoother and softer using these ones.

#Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water I use these when I’m out of cleansing balms (my new faves) and I do love how quick they get the make up off, even my waterproof #fairydrops mascara.


Last but NOT least #Wunderz Wunderbrow Holey moley I’m so so grateful for this product. I have seriously thin and gappy eyebrows, mainly from steroids I’ve lost hair, and constantly have to fill them in, or look a haggered mess on no make up days, and I hate photos with out my brows filled in, well this has answered all my prayers. You pop it on, let it dry and you have eyebrows for a few days!! Even when I cleanse my face for 2 nights they don’t budge!! I can not and will not ever live without this brand and product ever again. Total convert, Goodbye powders and pencils, this is the bees knees and worth my WHOLE box for how it makes me feel on no make up days.


Look Fantastic March Box

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After seeing #HollysBeautyBox blog post, I knew I had to buy this box. It had my new brand favourite #SkinChemists in and it’s made with #RoseQuartz so this Crystal/Gemstone Hippie just had to have this. And when it’s £94.90 to buy, and it’s in a box that cost me £14.50 it was a non brainer really.

As soon as it was here I had to try it out. I often detest lip plumper products, but this is as divine as I expected it to be. It’s a soft minty fresh gloss to go on, lightly tingles, nothing like the painful ones I’ve used before!! So I’m already in love with my box. RRP £94.90 8ml

Next to this there is #RenuSkin anti-ageing face mask which is RRP £20.34 and it’s 30ml here. I need a extra bit of help skin wise in this snowy wintery ice cold weather. So a perfect pick m up for mother’s Day.

Another amazing bargain inside this box, as if the first 2 weren’t reason enough!! Is this luxurious #Omorovicza Balancing Moisturizer again 30ml in size, RRP £51 approx as it’s usually £85 for 50ml. The scent is light essential oils, so that satisfys the pagan hippie in me, it feels so soft and nourishing. I feel so lucky to try out such amazing products for such a small amount each month.

The theme of the box is serious pamper and spoil yourself, well that’s how it comes across to me. So to pamper yourself you can’t go wrong with #Skimono Foot Mask RRP £9.99 for one mask. I am looking forward to helping my feet feel spoilt for once, as I seriously neglect them all the time. This would be heaven before holiday.

All these 4 products are just amazing, and I’m feeling blessed to have them to try. The other 2 products are a bit meh!! To me anyways, and don’t suit what this box says to me. Though having said that, I’m going to use them, and try them out.

We have a #Stylondon Oval Face Brush RRP £7.99 not used these style brushes before, I wouldn’t buy one to try, so this is a good way to see if I can be converted from beauty blenders??

Then up next are #Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow Duo 78 Kate 81 Tenley these are $10 each. And I won’t lie they are teeny tiny!! You buy these to create a palette of all the colours you like, so it’s totally customisable which if I’m honest makes sense. As I’m often stuck with multiple colour pans I don’t ever use.

To finish off there was an #Elle fashion edition magazine to flip through, whilst eating my dinner and browse through my box.

All in all I’m absolutely over the moon with this one!!