#Blogmas Krampus

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Who is Krampus? And what does he have to do with Christmas.

Well in Europe, cental europe they have folklore tales of Krampus who is a horned, beastly figure often described as “half-goat, half-demon”, this Krampus beast, appears during the Christmas season, and comes to punish children, those who have misbehaved, the naughty ones, in a stark contrast of the loveable, jolly Saint Nicholas, who is known for rewarding the well-behaved, nice children with gifts. Krampus joins Saint Nicholas in several regions including Austria, Bavaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

It is thought the folklore pre dates Christianity and popular in Europe even today. There’s even modern horror films you can watch, featuring him.

Now in Whitby the UK, they now have a Krampus Run and Ball for charity. It’s great to see old tales and traditions coming back. Check them out below.

Whitby Krampus Run

#Blogmas 2018 Alternative Christmas my top 10

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If like me, you’re a touch quirky, like the odd, and weird. Then you too can do Christmas with your own stamp on it.

I love these, a bit of a different Christmas bauble, and at £9.99 they are an excellent price. But here

A different type of Christmas jumper for the man in your life? Available here

One for the ladies, I personally LOVE this one, and would wear it all winter not just Christmas. Available here

Why not adorn your lovely Christmas tree with a zombie? He’s so cute and available here

No Christmas is Christmas without krampus!! And this tee shows you know the real spirit of the season. Get yours here

Or settle for a krampus decoration. The best way to acknowledge the dude this holiday. And available here

Why not completely change how you do your tree, and opt for an eco friendly one this year, buy here

Have a different set of candles as your table centre piece this Christmas. A fabulous trio set here

For Yule as it is originally known, it is traditional to pay honour to the green man, the woodland spirits, this is why you have a tree at Christmas. So add some traditional Yule decorations from here

Last but not least, every witch needs a besom (broomstick) that shows the theme of the sabbat. Yule or as you know it Christmas. Available here