Falling Apart

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Now I’m attempting to increase activity in my life, I’ve noticed a few things. And it’s not good. I’ve noticed I steer clear of so many things because I’m protecting my hip, my lower back, and other joints. I’m literally falling apart!!

A few days ago I held a plate and my right forearm how has a swelling hump near my watch! IMG_20180206_173239015

Then I was attempting to get up off the floor, intense shooting pain in left wrist and bruised now, I guess it’s all thanks to #EhlersDanlosSyndrome everything feels loose, harder to keep in place, and just sheer exhausted all the time.


And today, well today I stepped normal I believed, but hip felt insanely odd, and gave way. Which could be my EDS playing up, or simply the Arthroscopy surgery has destabilised my hip and because I have hip dysplasia they don’t really go together well. In fact it’s rarely offered as a surgery option to hip dysplasia sufferers because it can hugely destabilise the joint.

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Feeling very fragile, frustrated and sorry for myself. I’m arming myself with questions to ask my Physiotherapist on Thursday, and see if I can work around these issues.


London for #SkyGarden #TheLionKing

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Last week we had an incredible crazy day in #London though we are all poorly in varying degrees, we had bought  #TheLionKing tickets and I was not wasting them. So doseing ourselves up we decided to go.

But it nearly didn’t happen, somehow none of us slept until 4am and getting up at 6am to get ready to go was a nightmare, ended up leaving super late!! 8.30am in fact. Totally forgetting it’s a weekday not our usual Sunday visit, so by the time we got to East Finchley ALL parking spots had gone! Omg what to do now?? Hubby checked out Google to look for more parking and we headed to Central Finchley, and omg there was ONE spot left!! Tight and oddly angled due to one car, but being a whizz at parking, Hubby soon dropped us off first, then did his magic!! Prayers answered, we are finally on our way. Didn’t get to London until nearly midday. Going to be a short fast visit.

First stop was #HydePark to eat our sarnies, because yes I’m that person that goes with a packed lunch, crisps and pop. Rather than trawl all around looking for somewhere to eat all day. So we picked the water view, and my goodness the sunshine, blue skies and views make this the best restaurant ever.

We saw the biggest swan, well maybe not, but I personally haven’t ever been that close to one, to realize how big they are. Lots of noisey ducks and very cheeky brazen squirrels. My day was amazing already!!

Next up was visit Knightsbridge house because it’s pink, and why not, daughter picked this out. We discovered houses on this street are sold at 6.5Million pounds, I can barely believe it.


It’s a bloggers dream, what a backdrop for fashion photos. After this we headed to the V+A museum mainly for loo I confess. But we had seen the marble online and wanted to see it for ourselves.

It was more grand than I ever thought, really pretty and I’m so glad we went. We’ve previously booked the #SkyGarden for this visit, so our plan was to head over to there. We take tubes, and it’s obviously busy, crowded and tiring. But we always survive it, just about. We booked it for 4pm. My hips were shattered already, and I needed a lot of painkillers to stand in the queue. Airport like searches, even my walking stick went through the x-ray machine! But in the fastest lift ever, we were transported up 35 floors, to the most decedent garden with views ever!! But boy it was cold too.

Once up there the sun started to set and it was the most romantic dramatic location. It was amazing

Not long later it was time to peel ourselves away, to grab a Maccies and buy supplies (sweets and pop) ready for #TheLionKing not many photos now as once there you can’t have your phones out. Burger was lovely, just what we needed, along with a very much needed cappuccino too.

We were greeted by some lovely staff, that helped regarding stairs, as we were high up. And now it was time to enjoy the main event, (we’ve only seen Wicked before) and omg!! I was mesmerized, enthralled and thoroughly entertained. Seating caused a lot of pain I won’t lie. It’s crippling to sit at 90degrees and with little support, so I’m grateful of the interval. I’m so pleased I hadn’t actually seen any spoilers for the production, nor had I even seen the film (bad I know) but I think I enjoyed it more because of that. It was full of humour, emotions and sheer amazing talent. I walked out feeling exhilarated and extremely lucky that we’d seen it.

All exhausted, it was a tube ride back to Central Finchley and then for hubby an epic drive home. I feel so blessed he does this for us, it was certainly a memory to treasure a lifetime.

My only downside is the cost to me personally, this one day on Thursday cost me Friday, Saturday, Sunday of NOT moving at all, I was broken in every joint, my back and hip especially. Monday it eased off enough to attempt some physio, but that was a mistake, soon back to painkillers and heat. Tuesday was officially Physio but it got cancelled, we went for a short walk instead, so joint got some physio in,  to see deer and ducks locally, but now again its wednesday (nearly a week later) I’m totally bodily broken. So as lovely as #London was, It takes a lot out of me.

2018 has not gone to plan so far….

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Hello my lovelies, Well 2018 is sucking lemons for this household right now. We have all collectively been ill on and off since before Christmas. I got much much worse on the 30th Dec, resulting in tonsillitis and bacterial infection, that can potentially affect my hip operation site. And they (mini moon and Mr moon, are now developing it, and have just started their antibiotics) we are taking it in turns to nurse eachother.

At the moment I’m currently halfway through my second lot of antibiotics, much stronger more aggressive ones, as the hip pain is very very out of control and character. So you can imagine, I’ve done no physio, in fact I’ve barely moved off the sofa. I’m even sleeping on the sofa, as it allows heat pads and hot water bottles to sit in position better.

This week I’m 18 weeks post hip arthroscopy and if I’m 100% honest my hip feels worse than before surgery!! I never expected to say that, especially as I’ve done nothing at all. Silver lining it shows that instead of being worn away, worked out funny, the pain instead has to be from illness, so could potentially go away as well.

So I’ve been occupying myself with #Spiral on #Bbc4 a French police crime series, that is fast paced and very addictive.

And just last night I found #Beforewedie a #Walterpresents on #Channel4 another police thriller (I love crime shows) hoping I soon get sucked into this.

I’ve had some jewellery to create and post, but it’s been extremely difficult to do while feeling so woolly headed. But I managed a little bespoke order off to USA, one for #Dysautonomia and #Lupus

Hoping in 8 days time we are fit enough to go and see #TheLionKing in #London