Day 12 one crutch!!

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I honestly didn’t think it would happen so fast. But I’ve been doing my physio religiously since day 6, I felt strong enough to try.

At first it was leaning to the left, and limpy so I stayed on 2 crutches and focused on staying as straight as possible. Did this for a few more days.

Then today I thought I would try 1 crutch again, and it worked. Yes I have to actually think about my position, and posture, so I’m ultimately slower, but I can do it.

The leg feeling so long isn’t helping, but I’ve had this before, so I’m trusting that the muscle and tendon physio will do what it’s done before, and pull everything back into correct alignment.

I’m half way to feeling ‘normie’ again, I think stamina is a whole new ball game, but certainly in the house I’m getting more independent, and moving more freely. I even caught myself standing up from sitting, but without putting my operated leg out a bit first. I did it naturally and without thought.

I also washed my own hair too, I lent over the bath side and used a shower head. I was very surprised I could do it, no way with a triple pelvic would I been able too, I would of used the bath board. But here’s to feeling almost human and normal. Hope it lasts.