#LookFantastic Box June

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My #LookFantastic my box came yesterday, I confess I honestly thought I’d cancelled it. Oh well happy surprise. This month is SOOOOOO much better than last month’s, this came with

#Mádara SOS Hydra Moisture Mask, can’t wait to try this overnight, letting my skin drink it all in while I sleep.

#Elemis Superfood Facial Wash. I love facial washes and Elemis so this is brilliant.

#ChristopheRobin Cleansing Volumising Paste. Bit of luxury for my hair, so I’m keen to try this out, in a pamper session.

Wild card #Studio10beauty Liquid Foil I Radiance which is glittery goddess loveliness.

#VitaLiberata Self Tanning Tinted Lotion just what this Casper the ghost needs.

My favourite product is #Rituals Dao Body Cream to help keep my skin nourished and silky to the touch.

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29 weeks post op #hiparthroscopy physiotherapy

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Weeks are flying by and though I’m stuck in a limbo situation via the hip being unstable and super painful. The decision to do the exercises set aside for post op hip replacement patients has been working.

As they are designed to strengthen everything around the new implant and not cause a dislocation. I’ve noticed a small increase in stamina and strength, so I’m going to continue, and the hip hasn’t been unstable this week at all. So that’s progress.

This following week I’m going to increase the reps from 10reps to 15reps and see how that goes. I do find I exercise, do physio one day, but I need at least one day to rest.

Scar update, you can barely see them. Obviously they pale in comparison to my 10inch ones, but just an update for those only having Arthroscopic scars.

Now I’m itching to get out more once weather improves and work on uneven footing and inclines, as hip doesn’t like those situations so much.

No news as yet for the steroid injection for basal thumb or hip, hoping to hear more in the next 2 weeks time. I’m getting pretty eager to have them, even though they scare the pants off me at the same time.

First week of #marchmeetthemaker2018

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Yes I’m back at it again, using @joannehawker guide to allow customers,followers etc to see the person behind the makes on their shops.

Now I’m never going to suddenly be a selfie queen, so this challenge actually helps me show myself, without some deranged mad woman’s selfie looking back at you.

Each day has a theme to base your Instagram photo on, some are easy, some hard, and maybe some impossible?!

Day 1 – You, here is me at the last #sbsevent2018

Day 2 – Where, my local town is half olde worlde and modern.

Day 3 – How you started, I started following this surgery, I had a #TriplePelvicOsteotomy and FemoralOsteotomy done at the same time, and was rendered immobile and housebound.

Day 4 – Favourite make, mine is the Gothic style jewellery I did, that also got featured in Shine On Jewellery magazine.

Day 5 – Photography, I honestly have nothing fancy. Occasionally I use a white box, nice surroundings, my child as a model. But always always use my phone as my camera.

Day 6 – Workspace, I don’t have an area just to work on, I’m often doing it on my lap while watching TV. I love that I can do it anywhere. My biggest workspace is really my brain, it all starts here.

Day 7 – Routine, I simply honestly have none. I can’t always make and create as my own body works against me sometimes. So I can only do it, when I can physically and mentally. And everything I do works around pain and limitations.

Land Physio Appointment, first session of 2018

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Welcome back my lovelies, this week was a week of getting back into routine following Christmas then illness, both wiped me out good and proper. And though I’ve been gradually getting back into homework physio, I knew this appointment would be a killer!!

And I wasn’t wrong!! Just when I think I’m getting strong, this session shows me exactly how off I am. But there’s some improvement, so that’s good.

My first exercise is always a warm up, no resistance 5 minutes stationary bike. (This used to hurt my seat bones after my triple pelvic osteotomy, but now it feels different??)

Then up is the 40kg leg press. I personally hate this one, as I don’t like the extreme bend in hip, it’s hates 90° and deeper angles.

Swiss Ball pelvic tilt, goddess knows why my body hates such a simple easy exercise, but joint really hates it?? No clue why?

Omg this was new!! And so goddamn hard too. Think this one is what hurt me for hours and hours afterwards. Simple looking, but hip flexor obviously isn’t strong enough yet.

I adapt this to be on my elbows and forearms, as my wrists are too weak, too subluxing to hold me up. Thank you #EhlersDanlosSyndrome but adapting it makes it good and ok to do.

Hip bridges are the easiest exercises for me so far, and I’m doing them at home daily too. Finally an exercise I don’t suck at, and can do without whining.

Another seemingly innocent looking movement, that actually kicks my backside a lot. And I can feel it working a lot so I dig deep for it.

I finish off with slide wall squats, I also do these at home, using a foam roller on my back to allow me to slide down the wall. I’m getting better at it each time. Feels good to have 2 exercises I’m reasonably good at.

After all this, I’m done. Not just a bit tired, I’m flat out useless for anything afterwards, straight home, kettle on, PJ’s and heat therapy to ease pains off. Seriously love hot water bottles and heat packs so much so, my mum and mother in law both got me some for Christmas!! What could be better than the gift of pain relief??

Hoping it doesn’t take days to recover from this session, though I’m writing 12hrs later and I can tell you now, I am so much stiffer and sorer than before!! So I’m guessing I may need a rest day or two, before starting my homework physio continues.

January blues?? Glossybox proper cheered me up!

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Yay!! It’s glossybox time. And though it’s just the standard pink box, I’m keen to get my hands on it. 

I’d seen the sneak peek of the #DrBotanicals #MoroccanRose Facial Oil, do I knew this was going to be my best item straight away. It’s £55 for full size, and though 15ml it’s still worth £17.95 if you bought it, that’s my box worth of money already.

But it doesn’t end there! This was the only NON FULL SIZED item. And that was worth it, these others are equally as good.

#EvelynIonaCosmetics Green Tea Primer, now I’m not actually sold on primers, as some make my foundation weird. But I’m going to give this a go, and it’s cruelty free and paraben free. FULL SIZED £22 evelyniona.com

#NailMedic Nail and Cuticle Energizer Oil. After wearing #Primark false nails, I find my nails need tlc, so this was a welcome addition to the box. FULL SIZED £5.99 pretty womannyc.com (side note, I love the pink and purple oil divide, mix it up, it settles back, twist it around watch the pink always stay on the bottom) love science, and it entertained me!! 😂😂😂😂😂

#Apicia Cream Blush, I’m not a blush girl, well I thought I wasn’t, until I started using #Nars Orgasm one, so I’m definitely going to try this out. I feel I’m more of a powder girl, but willing to test out a cream version. FULL SIZED £22 apicia.fr

Then finally up is #Boots Beauty Beneath Supplements bit of a wildcard as I hear many don’t like to take supplements, and things they don’t know or trust. But I’m willing to give it a shot, containing 19 nutrients for healthy glowing skin (which I don’t have, I have tired, sallow, dull skin) meant to boost your own collagen (yet I have a lack of collagen because of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, so would they work??)

Collagen is adds structure and strength to our connective tissues, a defeat in this collagen can weaken bones, skin, organs, and blood vessels. So let’s test them out.

Not a bad box this month all in all. For £13 I easily got £100+ worth out of it. And there’s nothing I won’t use, or not looking forward to trying either. 

Make Up Revolution Haul

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Ello my lovelies, Now I can’t to hauls often, I’m way to broke to compete with other bloggers, besides I’m a firm believer of using things up, and not having drawers and drawers of make up going off…. Besides they don’t have a forever shelf life.

Better to buy as and when you need. Less waste, easier on the pocket. And every so often a huge deal comes up too. First off I spotted an email from weshop.co.uk stating that of you bought a #LifeOnADancefloorVIPPalette

 by Make-Up Revolution on Superdrug which is £10.00 once voucher code goes through, you’d get 1,000 points back on superdrug , thus making it a free palette. So I did that, chose the palette I was meant too, but instantly sidetracked into buying a few items. Mainly the #AmplifiedPro35NakedGolds palette with Eye Primer and 2 Brushes for £6.99 

and the #SophHighlight Palette

 £8.00 as I’ve been dying to try them out, and because these 2 came to £15 I qualified for a free palette called #BoldAsBrass

and omg all my palettes are amazing. So impressed, for the price point and shade range I feel I got a good deal. So this order cost £25 in total but £10 will be returned in points, which I don’t mind as I shop there often. The #SophHighlight pigment is insane, you want subtle chose the top 4, bottom 4 are for the Glow God’s!! 

Now I’m on a mission to find an #Ashy contour?! As all I’ve found so far are too brown for my Casper skin tone. Any advice my lovelies?? 

16 weeks post hip arthroscopy hippie update.

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Hello my lovelies, Well it’s been a while since I’ve done a proper post op update. And now the chaos of Christmas and New year is over, along with my poorly virus era too, I can get back into a routine and update you all.

First off while it was Christmas and super busy, I opted to ditch homework physio, as I spent that energy doing normal every day daily living activities and those kill my pain levels, and energy levels (still) which is disheartening. 

Then after all that, I got tonsillitis which really really hurt my hip, so that lead to more days not doing physio. Or activity in anyway in fact. Antibiotics had to be taken to shift it, and lessen hip pain. 

But now I’m back!! Back to the desire to workout, get this hip moving and maybe even lose weight too, because I’m definitely more round than I should be. All this inactivity is not doing me any favours that’s for sure. So watching IP man a Wing Chun Kung Fu film, I became inspired to check out beginner videos, as their legs are strong!! Could I adapt some exercises? I think I found some here and I’ve started trying this out this week. This is the first exercise below. A knees inwards, and squat. It’s the stance for wing chun, and sure to strengthen my hips.

The videos I’ve been watching.

And of course I’m doing the usual

  • Front leg raise
  • Side leg raise
  • Clam leg raise
  • Hip bridges
  • Superman on all fours
  • Slide wall squats
  • Side step ups on arrival step

Then stretches such as 

  • Number four hip stretch
  • Hip abduction
  • Crocodile twist

So far it’s going ok, hip feels thick, not sure if swollen or built up by scar tissue. 

Not too much, as hip is very very tender, stiff either from inactivity or illness, so I’m aiming for little but often. Hope to do each set once at least once a day. And build myself up, and hope to then increase the reps or exercises done. I’ve definitely lost flexibility since this op, crocodile twist almost impossible one side which I could do before surgery.  I’m hoping I will get the flexibility back though, with consistent and constant stretches again.

All in all I’m struggling a bit, which pains me to say. I can only hope I’m not doing too much to damage hips further, but enough to free up the joint and keep arthritis from killing it off completely.