#Blogmas 10 Unique gifts for her #TheBritishCraftHouse

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New for this Year I’m featuring the Fabulous The British Craft House. Which has even more amazing artisans to feature.

Here’s my top 10 for her.

1, Larryware

Beautiful wooden Christmas decorations, with striking red robins on them. Hand painted and so unusual I had to add them first. £6.00

2, MollyGDesigns

What a striking statement piece, beautifully soustached with a gorgeous goldstone focal point. £68.50

3, OYPTjewellery

Delightful and cheerful unicorn pin badges, instantly brightens up bags and jackets. £10.00

4, VintageCandy

A personalised silver plated fork perfect for your slice of cake this Christmas. £16.00

5, ItsPersonalGB

A gift of organisation which I for one would love, a hanger for keys, coats and leads. £15.00

6, MaggieGeeEmbroidery

A perfect gift of a hobby and craft. Absolute beginners embroidery kit. £14.99

7, Joysofglass

Absolutely bewitching Witches made out of stained glass, making them gorgeous sun catchers £13.00

8, DewDropCards&Crafts

I know a few unicorn mad ladies who would happily home thus gorgeous whimsical creature. £29.95

9, ElizabethLarsenKintwear

Beautifully crafted cowl in Highland Merino Silk. Just the ticket for this weather. £45.00

10, TheTwistedFelter

Omg!! He’s the cutest thing ever, and he has wings!! A flying pig, what more could you ever want? £26.00

#Blogmas 2018 Chester uni interview, Xmas markets part one

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To finish off the week, a completed week of blogmas, I’m going to share our Chester university visit and Christmas market.

The first of 5 interviews at different universities for our youngest, marking a pivotal point in our lives, soon she will be carving out her own life in a new city. We’ve done this twice before, but knowing she’s the last it’s emotional to say the least. But warming knowing that she feels confident enough to find her own way too.

First we all entered the university to sign in, and be there for the introduction speech. The tutors were welcoming, friendly and there were 3 first year students to wander around, so we could ask questions. Seen as they are relatively new, it was good to talk to ours (Laura) as they remember the nerves, and fear well.

After this speech, we left to reconvene downstairs, gather our thoughts and practise Olivia’s presentation, as that would be next. Followed by group work and then a written piece, and interview.

Once it was presentation time, we took our cue to leave. Scary leaving her there knowing she was nervous, we felt the butterflies for her too.

While she does the scary part, we get to visit some shops and feel the Christmas spirit. It’s exactly what we needed, and a good way to kick off hubbies birthday celebrations too.

Indoors was fabulous, the decorations and shop windows, and it was light relief from absolute downpour outside!!

Spotted a grotto too, though it had a mechanical Father Christmas? How does that work? That would of scared my children when they were little.

Catch you in part two….

#Blogmas 2018 Alternative Christmas my top 10

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If like me, you’re a touch quirky, like the odd, and weird. Then you too can do Christmas with your own stamp on it.

I love these, a bit of a different Christmas bauble, and at £9.99 they are an excellent price. But here

A different type of Christmas jumper for the man in your life? Available here

One for the ladies, I personally LOVE this one, and would wear it all winter not just Christmas. Available here

Why not adorn your lovely Christmas tree with a zombie? He’s so cute and available here

No Christmas is Christmas without krampus!! And this tee shows you know the real spirit of the season. Get yours here

Or settle for a krampus decoration. The best way to acknowledge the dude this holiday. And available here

Why not completely change how you do your tree, and opt for an eco friendly one this year, buy here

Have a different set of candles as your table centre piece this Christmas. A fabulous trio set here

For Yule as it is originally known, it is traditional to pay honour to the green man, the woodland spirits, this is why you have a tree at Christmas. So add some traditional Yule decorations from here

Last but not least, every witch needs a besom (broomstick) that shows the theme of the sabbat. Yule or as you know it Christmas. Available here