Day 76 Rest days here to stay

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Not much to write as today I’m still poorly, fighting whatever bug it is. I feel more fatigued than yesterday, so I’m glad I did hydro when I did, as no way I could do it today.

I saw the doctor’s this morning in case I needed antibiotics. As my throat is sore, with my ears being affected as well.

Thankfully it’s just viral not bacterial at the moment,so lots of honey, lemon drinks, take some paracetamol and ibuprofen, and resting up until it passes.

Though this coughing I have is driving me nuts!! It’s making my throat red raw and dry. And it’s tiring too, I’m not sleeping well at all.

So sofa, blanket and Netflix is my entire plan today. Everything hurts, and aches so much more, rest and sleep is needed.

27 weeks post #hiparthroscopy

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Moving on from week to week and not much has happened this week, except I’m poorly again!! Just a chesty cough and woolly headedness, so I’ll live.

But I did visit the doctor over my hand, as it’s getting too hard to hold the simplest of things lately. The basal joint of the thumb feels like electric shocks, when I try to hold cups, plates or my phone. It’s been like it on and off for a year or so?? Wonder if Arthritis or just Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Anyways had bloods taken to check, and I’m being referred to MiCats for physiotherapy and steroid injection for it. So that’s 2 steroids in 2 different joints this year!! I need this hand for my walking stick. For now I brace it on bad days, but when it settles I take it off, so it’s not solely dependant on it.

So for physio it’s been PANTS for a week, barely done any, as I’ve had family visits, doctor’s visits, then blood test visits, and honestly they’ve just took it out of me. Just being still hurts so I’ve had no desire to move the hip. Maybe it’s increased on pain because the weather is so damp? Or because it’s that time of cycle when it all flares up (when my whole body feels broken and shattered) or simply being ill makes me feel things more?

Just waiting on blood results next and of course appointments to come through from steroid in hip, physio for hand, and steroid for hand. Can’t wait to get them all done and dusted, though I’m scared!!