Day 71 Hydro and OT appointments

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Yesterday was Wednesday and I had my appointments for both OT (Occupational therapist) then closely followed by Hydrotherapy. It was brilliant to have on the same day, saves traveling and parking two separate days.

My first appointment was OT and I showed her my photo of my swollen knuckles, and explained the pain.

And she gave me some compression gloves to start wearing, whenever I feel like I need them. To gently compress and warm the hand joints.

Totally not attractive, I mean look at them!! But needs must. And I also need to make an appointment with the gp, to discuss steroids or effective pain relief.

So that was done, time for Hydro. And following the weeks walking adventures, I was already tired. But eager to workout as hard as I could too.

  • Walk up down pool forwards x 3
  • Walk up down pool sideways x 3
  • Walk up down pool backwards x 3
  • Hip flexion 20 reps x 2
  • Hip abduction 20 reps x 2
  • Hip extension 20 reps x 2
  • Step ups forward 20 reps x 2
  • Step up sideways 20 reps x 2
  • Push float down core exercise 20 reps x 2
  • Mini squats 20 reps x 2

That was honestly me done, I hobbled out exhausted but accomplished. Once home and dinner done, I promptly fell asleep again. It’s definitely wearing me out proper!!


Day 27 pain flares!

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Since the whole out out in town day, I’ve done zero physio. Because I simply can’t! That was last Thursday and it’s been over a week now.

When I move or stand in a certain way, I get a huge pain flare. It feels like it’s the lateral area over the hip, so possibly IT band or Bursa are upset.

And I’m still getting a deep sciatic pain in the lower back, which makes it hard to stand up without hip giving way at times. Maybe it’s sciatica or piriformis (I usually get piriformis anyways) so maybe that’s why it’s upset? But if I mini squat it realigns itself and feels better, not sure what that means. I’ll be asking my Physiotherapist on Tue 6th Feb.

It’s all made worse by the fact I have no medication left of worth, which is a pity as oramorph was pretty useful for this type of pain. Now the injections are over I’m taking paracetamol and ibuprofen to help control the pain.

As I said earlier I see the physio this week, and it was on the 6th Feb, so I asked her for advice, and perhaps there is a stretch or movements I can do, that will bypass this muscle and nerve but still be effective for physio recovery.

She confirmed it’s tendonpathy, so I need to rest more, and ice more. I even have an adaptive exercises to relieve the strain. Seems my glutes are super weak. Here’s one below, instead of pushing against my hands, use a band and gently go out against resistance. And more pelvic tilt standing, and pushing feet outwards, without moving feet, this activates glutes too.

I’ve also been falling a asleep often during the day, starting this week’s Monday, or maybe it’s a virus coming, or illness, as family mix with a lot of outsiders and it’s easy to catch something. It’s not like me to fall asleep multiple times a day!

Last clexane ever yesterday, it felt good having no more injections in the stomach. Though my nurse (Mr moon) does an excellent job!!

*Things I’m sick of hearing, and possibly every other hippie is too* is that PAO or TPO is harder to recover from. I’ve had both now, and in some ways yes it is, and in other ways no it’s not!! Just like when I had an Arthroscopy, people almost dismissed it as if it was barely a surgery! Well I’ve had that too, it still came with its own downfalls and difficulties. Some recover really fast from PAOs others don’t, same as THRs they are walking unaided at 10days and I’m really really not, and I’m 4weeks. Comparing surgeries aren’t helpful, and often leaves the person feeling dismissed or that their struggles are from failure, or not doing enough.