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Tokyo, 1951.

Elly Ruskin is still struggling
to settle. Half-Japanese by heritage, Elly was repatriated to Japan after the war, but Tokyo is a city she barely knows. And now she’s certain her new husband is having an affair with the enigmatic Japanese poet known as Vida Vidanto.

Yet Elly is not the only one suspicious of Vida.

The occupying American forces
have their eye on her too. Kamiya Jun has been recruited to spy on the poet and find out why Vida spent her war years in China. He is perfect for the part. A war orphan, he has honed the art of becoming invisible in order to survive. But following Vida leads Jun to the Ruskins. And he soon finds himself delving into their private lives as well.

Then Vida Vidanto is found
murdered in her apartment. Is it a case of mere jealousy or has there been a betrayal of a more dangerous kind?

Because Vida had more than one
secret worth killing for.

A powerful, absorbing mystery
that will be consumed by fans of Victoria Hislop, Dinah Jefferies, Fiona Valpy,
Robert Goddard, Kate Morton and Louise Douglas.


Tessa Morris-Suzuki divides her
time between a small village on the south coast of New South Wales and Canberra, where she is Emeritus Professor of Japanese History at the Australian
National University.

My Review

This one I found a little difficult at first to get into, purely as it’s set in a time I don’t know and have no experience with. So the connection wasn’t there immediately.

But no matter I wanted to give it time to get into it. A story told from two perspectives which is new to me, twisting and curling and melding together, a life of certainy thrust into a life of action.

A slower pace and differing timelines is probably just the change of pace I needed. Beautifully written and well developed characters that you will love.

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