Day 71 Hydro and OT appointments

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Yesterday was Wednesday and I had my appointments for both OT (Occupational therapist) then closely followed by Hydrotherapy. It was brilliant to have on the same day, saves traveling and parking two separate days.

My first appointment was OT and I showed her my photo of my swollen knuckles, and explained the pain.

And she gave me some compression gloves to start wearing, whenever I feel like I need them. To gently compress and warm the hand joints.

Totally not attractive, I mean look at them!! But needs must. And I also need to make an appointment with the gp, to discuss steroids or effective pain relief.

So that was done, time for Hydro. And following the weeks walking adventures, I was already tired. But eager to workout as hard as I could too.

  • Walk up down pool forwards x 3
  • Walk up down pool sideways x 3
  • Walk up down pool backwards x 3
  • Hip flexion 20 reps x 2
  • Hip abduction 20 reps x 2
  • Hip extension 20 reps x 2
  • Step ups forward 20 reps x 2
  • Step up sideways 20 reps x 2
  • Push float down core exercise 20 reps x 2
  • Mini squats 20 reps x 2

That was honestly me done, I hobbled out exhausted but accomplished. Once home and dinner done, I promptly fell asleep again. It’s definitely wearing me out proper!!


9 thoughts on “Day 71 Hydro and OT appointments

  1. As someone that has spent the last 2 years on steroids, if you have managed not to have to take them so far, personally I’d stay clear if you are able to.

    I lost all my hair in Dec 2017 after just a few months of taking prednisolone, admittedly it was a high dose but still. I HATE that I am still having to take them. I also got the typical steroid moon face and buffalo hump. They don’t affect everyone the same way but I just wanted to let you know my personal experience with them. I can’t deny that they helped with the pain – mine was prescribed for Giant Cell Arteritis. Although I do have severe osteoarthritis & degenerative disc disease and they did help with the pain from those immensely.

    Either way, I hope that you get sorted with some effective pain relief – it’s no fun being in pain all the time! x

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    1. Thank you this greatly helps, I’m already losing hair so maybe not for me. I’ve had steroid injections though which help but only for a few months. I feel lost really in pain. I know you understand x


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