Intra articular steroid injection day 1, 2, 3 and 6weeks til #hipreplacement


As you know from my previous post, I had my steroid injection in my thumb Tuesday, it made me a bit sick and dizzy, so a day of rest was needed.

Day 1 steroid day

Though I noticed my right arm was heavier feeling, more stiff and it felt like a trapped nerve in my neck. So lots of hot water bottles and reading to occupy myself.

I did attempt to make drinks and food, but pain soon shot through and made me retreat. I also had to wear my brace to stop it from micro moving, as it’s very painful to move.

I also noticed the hand in general was more swollen too. So definitely rest more do less.

Comparing last night to today, it’s more swollen, but moving better.Day 2 starts with it being a bit more swollen, but less stiff, and achy.

As it’s starting to feel a bit better,the temptation is there to try and do things. But I’m resisting until 48hours is up. To give it the best chance I can. But I’m very glad it’s no longer aching just even resting. I’m also wearing my brace still at times when I need the hand, to support the thumb.

Day 3 swings round, and it’s my plan to start some gentle physio exercises, so thumb raise up, thumb out to the side.

Then once you feel you can progress from doing these, it’s time to add some resistance. I’m using a simple black bobble for my resistance.

Slowly slowly using the thumb as I normally would in daily living, so picking up cups, kettles, dressing myself etc. Today I’m not wearing the brace, to see how it handles it.

This week saw my old surgery date 29th November come and go, felt a pang. But quickly got over it, as this week my youngest daughter needed to book university interviews. Which are now filling up my weeks, first being 5th December for Chester (had to move occupational therapy to the 13th December) then it’s Birmingham university 12th December, and Manchester university 18th December, so I’m sitting here thanking the stars it was cancelled as now I can accompany her on these exciting days.

And new pre op date came in for 31st December, feels a bit weird doing it on that day. But even if we do go out, at least this shouldn’t take long.

Plus 2 birthdays 9th December and 19th December, it’s fastly becoming fully booked up!!

17 thoughts on “Intra articular steroid injection day 1, 2, 3 and 6weeks til #hipreplacement

  1. I know what you mean with “the 31st if December being a strange date” for this.
    For me it was the date I broke my hip last year. I spent New Years eve in the ER and operating room. So, I get it.

    You will do great though, I know it. 😘

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