Pre op day. 2 weeks until total hip replacement #THR well it was…..

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This week it’s been full on Christmas preparation for me, as I am attempting to get it all bought for before December even starts.

Why? You ask, well firstly I can’t and don’t get out much, so traffic, crowds, and stress aren’t my thing. And after end of November I could well be on a walker, or crutches so the idea of crowds and slippy floors doesn’t excite me.

So that’s been my Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, along with doing the shoulder exercises each day. Along with core strengthening exercises. I do a simple selection, adapted to my abilities.

  • Goblet squat
  • Single arm bicep row
  • Single weight reverse lunge
  • Single arm chest press
  • Supine marching
  • Single arm tricep overhead

Then comes Wednesday afternoon and I get a call, from McBryde secretary and it’s about my Stem not being correct, and needs re making. So my surgery is cancelled 😥😥😥😥 it’s now 9th Jan 2019!! Gutted.

Now I have to cancel my pre op and hip workshop which are both scheduled for today. What a palaver. Oh well silver lining and all that, least I won’t be on crutches on Christmas day.

My family are all cheering me on, convincing me it’s a good thing, as now I won’t be recovering over my husband’s birthday, and on Christmas day I won’t be stressing over heights of chairs either. So they are correct, and though I was genuinely gutted at first I do see their point.

So countdown is now on again, it’s 7 weeks and 6 days and counting….

16 thoughts on “Pre op day. 2 weeks until total hip replacement #THR well it was…..

  1. I’m hoping to get most of my christmas shopping done this month too! I do a lot of it online because of my anxiety I cannot bear the crowds and shops when they’re super busy during Christmas, so although different circumstances, I know how you feel to a degree!

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  2. I really need to start my Christmas shopping, I’ll probably do a lot of it online, I too cannot deal with crowds and busy shops, I live in Birmingham and as the Christmas markets are up now too it’s just chaos. Sorry to hear that your op was pushed back, but like you said, at least you can perhaps enjoy Christmas and family time a little more without being on crutches.
    Chloe xx

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  3. Oh gosh! What a nightmare! Especially as you are all mentally prepared. I once got cancelled whilst I was sat in my gown on the trolley. Although like you say, there’s a silver lining somewhere. Well done for keeping positive xxx

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