First step…

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Here is the day, bit faster than I thought if I’m completely honest, but it’s due to a cancellation. I rang up ROH just enquiring about the possible dates of the 3d CT scan, and she offered to book there and then. So exactly 20days after my consultant appointment, I’m back here to have the CT scan.

Bundle of nerves, not for the scan as that’s fine, but the knowing I’m firmly on this replacement train. Even though I’m 100% sure about doing it, I’m still nervous, and anxious over it all.


The traditional CT scan compared to the 3d version. It’s all very clever and well above my comprehension.

Of course I had to rep my tee, while I was there. It usually breaks the ice and gets people talking, so that’s a bonus. You can buy yours Here


*I get a small comission from each sold*

CT scan lasted all of a few mins, nice and easy really, apart from me personally keeping my toes together. I struggle to internally rotate the left leg, so holding it for a few mins feels like a lifetime.

Exciting times ahead. But for now it’s relax back at home and eat my most delicious dinner made by hubby. Half an muffin toasted with bacon and scrambled egg.


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