Week 7 hip steroid week 6 CMC steroid



As you probably know from previous posts here, they’ve worn off, well in a way they have. Hip definitely has, completely and utterly. So there’s no relief at any point, no matter what I do.

Where as the CMC joint is on and off, some days the pain is vile and high, but then the next day it’s fine. So its not consistent, and not as bad as before the steroid either, so I’d say it’s partially worn off. While that’s been creeping up in pain, so has the opposites CMC joint.


I’d like to know what is actually flaring up the hands, and elbows. I’ve changed my diet, using as minimal milk as possible, I’ve removed bread, and we are eating as clean as possible. I’ve definitely noticed less flare ups, and I generally feel better in myself, if only I could shift this hip pain.

As for my #couch25k #couchto5k week 5 run 2 is now at run 8mins walk 5mins and run 8mins, this even at my adapted rate was way too much, so for me it’s 5mins, walked aided 8mins try again for 3mins, walk aided 1min again for 1min, walk aided 2 mins, last try at 1min. Not my best, but #piriformis and hip pain really have me stopping in my tracks, I also rolled my ankle as that feels unstable too. But silver lining my heart rate is improving, and my lungs are too. It’s just good to get some fresh air and see the deer near the house.

Physio I am managing this ok at home, usual post hip replacement movements, getting stronger but gait still off, shows me that muscle weakness isn’t the problem anymore, it’s bone! This is confirmed also by the steroid injection.

I’m enjoying the

  • Goblet Squat (not a squat more of a going to sit down, then back up)
  • One leg reverse lunge (can’t actually lunge at all, so it’s a step back, making me stand on one leg for a brief moment)
  • Bicep row
  • Chest press
  • Supine marching ( lying down, this is really hard on my hips, but I’ve felt stronger since starting them)
  • Tricep overhead

This have helped me work the entire body, making me feel stronger, fitter but sadly oh so sadly not ever helped reduce pain, or increase my stamina walking unaided. Exercise though good for me overall is not fixing my hip.


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