#LookFantastic Box August



With no holidays booked or camping getaways as of yet, as this summer has been hellishly busy with other people timetables, it’s nice to get a touch of pampering in, so although it’s cloudy and rainy, you can feel bright and fresh.


And of course my favourite part is trying out new brands and products in handy sizes before you ever decide to buy the larger ones.

So this month has some unusual goodies for me, for starters


#Mio Boob Tube, a multi action bust firmer, never bought or tried one, but I can now.


#NailsInc glazin over lipgloss which is a lovely shade (I think it’s called plans today)


#ErnoLaszlo Hydraphel skin supplement feels like water, runny but really nice on the skin.


#BlinkBrowBar Mini Brow build, in Indian Chocolate I like this, not as much as my @wunder2cosmetics but it’s a great spare to have in your handbag, or take on holiday.


#MoltonBrown Pink pepperpod shower gel, as ever totally divine, absolutely love it, and will be saving for a pamper night.


#BalanceMe Pure skin face wash always nice to try out new cleansers and I never get bored of skincare, so this box is a win from me so far.

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