Happy Birthday to me xx


Today was my Birthday and i also had my x-ray and consultation appointment today. We had to be there by 9.30am which for anyone that knows me, will know thats like asking me to go somewhere in the middle of the night! Gosh that was an early one for me, as we would have to set off at 8am earliest. Not so bad when it’s just yourself to get ready, but the kids are horrendous and so hard to get out in time. Once out and proud of ourselves we had to hit total traffic!

Needed to avoid the motorway due to an accident and major delays and go through all the little towns instead. Which was more pleasant that first thought and at least we were constantly driving rather than at a standstill.
The Hospital totally overlooked all the 9.30am appointments and let the others up til 10am go in front of us! The bloody cheek of it, i asked have you forgot me? They said yes we have! So we all got left with a delay of over an hour and a half. Should of stayed in bed longer. Once i got in the Nurses were abrupt and plain rude in places, while others were lovely and polite. Once up in the x-ray department i was congratulated for my Birthday by the techs there and the nurses which i thought was very sweet. X-rays were over in a blink of an eye, and it was back down to see the registrar.
The Registrar was pleasant and did the normal ROM tests and asked me to walk without any aids for him to see how i’d progressed. He said it’s time to go without a stick, and actually asked why i had it with me, Then said in the next breath if your out for a long time, or walking far, take it with you. Duh! Thats why i have it today.
He told me the bone is around 85% healed and i can now go on the waiting list to have the screws and plates removed, which is around 3 to 4 months long, so it shouldn’t get in the way of Holiday dates and the Summer at least. We mentioned that i’m off the warfarin now and would i be given a full course of treatment to prevent a clot happening again, and they said i should be called in before my surgery date to have the leg scanned to see how big the clot is, is it dangerous and is it likely i’ll get another one, so i’m very happy with that. There is no way i would ever have surgery now, without securing the full course of injections, or aspirin for myself.
Town was hot and busy and numerous times i tripped or had my stick kicked out from under me. And i’ve noticed that the people that give way to you are ones that have sticks or crutches themselves!! Leg very very sore from landing a little heavy on it, when i tripped today and with the kicked stick as well, it proper gave me some hell today. I was tired and cranky so we left after a few hours, as i couldn’t bear the shops any longer. But we managed to stop off at Ikea for a hotdog and ice cream on the way home which is gorgeous!! (Wish i could live on them)
Well i’m off to enjoy the rest of my day, and rest up as much as possible for a few days now. Happy healing Hippy Girls xx )0(

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