Working out hard


Still working out hard and i’ve managed to lose 6lbs in 5 weeks, so i’m very happy with that, although i’m hoping for more until i reach my goal weight. I’m taking it very slowly as it’s not worth undermining the surgery and recovery process, for the sake of a few pounds. I’ve certainly changed my diet which has been the success out of all of this, so much so, that when i do eat white bread or potatoes i’v noticed my stomach feels bloated and cramped up, later on in the night. Shocking that food can make you feel so tired and sore and unmotivated. Sure i’ve always heard that it does, but to actually experience it was another things all together. So i’m convinced that junk food has far more reaching consequences than you just getting fatter and unhealthier, but also dumbs you down, makes you more compliant. Your too tired to fight back, too tired to work at your best, too tired to be bothered.

Walking has improved tenfold and i’m so excited to say that. I’ve started to manage full days out with a walking stick, whereas before i needed a crutch for definite. So the legs are getting stronger, and the physio is working well. The only thing that worries me now is that the surgery leg is loads stronger than the other leg, so i’ve decided to do physio on both sides now to try and build it up. But i’m thinking it will be worth mentioning to O’Hara when i see him on the 27th July and see what he has too say about it. Shame the appointment is on my birthday though! least it’s in Birmingham so maybe a can get a shopping trip out of it as well to make it worth my while lol xx
Happy healing Hippy Friends xx )0(

2 thoughts on “Working out hard

  1. Well Done Debbie! thats fab news on the weight loss and the leg progression, you are doing great. I tried to add you on fb, but on your page it wouldnt let me, so can you search for me instead, Sam Phillips, will be the peninsula medical school one, Sam xxx


  2. Huni i have tried and tried to find you huni but it's not working either. But have you tried looking for me under Mystic MoonShadows as that should come up straight away, and i can add you via that to my personal one then as well xx


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