Well it’s not too bad so far, the only side effects i’ve been getting so far is tiredness ( i know i’m tired normally but this is different, i drop asleep like a stone for 20 mins or so) But then it’s ok and i’m super cold all the time. Not sure if thats the Warfrin or the fact that this country is at it’s coldest right now and our house is not the warmest of houses anyway. Been wearing 3 jumpers and i have 2 blankets and the heating on full and i’ll still be cold. Better than losing my hair or having an all over body rash so i’m thinking i’m lucky so far. Just today i noticed i’ve got one purple big toe nail bed as well, but that seems to come from the injections i’m on so that should clear up once they are finished with in 2 weeks time.
I’ve finally started to exercise more which was needed so bad, as i’ve not been able too for weeks and weeks and you can really tell in the leg muscles. I don’t do too much as just walking with my crutches can wear me out. But i try to do 10 reps per day of knee lifts, side lifts, leg going backwards all while standing. Then on the sofa i do glut squeezes, push knees into the sofa, lift lower leg and hold, and sidewards again all lying down. These small exercises wear me out good and proper and as i get stronger i aim to be able to do them at least 3 times per day and possibly add more too.
Missed hydrotherapy due to the weather, as Rich didn’t want me to walk outside as it’s so icy. And so far every member of my family has fell over so i don’t fancy it myself either. Got one on the 18th Jan so hopefully the weather with me better by then. I’ve also been getting the blood pumping by going on the Wii. I love it and finally i can join in with something with the kids as well, i can’t use the balance board yet ( i will as soon as i get x-rays that pass me too, and that will be my reward) But just using the controller for basketball and table tennis gets a sweat on, so my arms are working hard. I can only stand for a bit but it’s great fun and i’m so pleased i can finally do something for myself.
I wish i could go shopping, i need a bit of retail therapy. But i guess i have to wait, but i’m missing the bargains!! Much to Rich’s delight as he hates shopping and spending money on clothes.
Still can’t wear the compression stockings as they are too long and bunch up to create too much compression and it feels like my limbs will fall off! Lol but i really don’t want to suffer from post thrombotic syndrome so i need to wear them for up to 2 years!!!! Hope i can get someone to find me some that actually fit me, or i’ll have to buy some. They come in different colours as well so i’d get black and flesh coloured so you wouldn’t be able to tell that they were medical. So thats something i need to research and follow up.

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